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The Television vs. The Projector?

Every now and then you still come across CRT televisions: bulky and often small in size, they've quickly dropped by the way side. For some it may even make it to a second or third repair service, for almost all the others they end up as junk on the street corner, serving out the last of their existence. Their modern TV successors have been on a long race for first prize in functionality, design and screen size. Fueling this trend of home cinema ambitions is the horde of customers, who are watching sporting events, games, and evening blockbusters, whilst wanting to get the perfect viewing experience across the genres. While this promise so far was apparently solved with a projector screen now in the equation, one may still now weigh up the options: Big Screen TV or Projector?

New at HiFi im Hinterhof: 0% interest financing for up until 24 months with online purchases of €500 or more

If you're already a customer of ours in store perhaps you're aware of our financing opportunity. What's new is that we now offer -- in cooperation with the Santander Consumer Bank AG, the leading German bank in consumer finance -- the ability to obtain financing for your purchases when shopping in our online store. The monthly rates and the duration can naturally be customised to suit you. So don't let anything stop your from letting your desires quickly and easily come true!*

Stereo Set-Ups: Our Favourites from €2,000 to €10,000

Part two of our thoughts on your stereo investments: If you're thinking that a compact system may not be enough for you -- perhaps your living room is large or sometimes you need a that extra high volume, or that you simply want everything to sound better -- then let us give you the low down on some current highlights across four price categories. Fully-equipped package for €1,900 KEF iQ90 (€998), Denon PMA / DCD / DNP 720 together for €890, 2x high quality RCA cable to each €26 (AudioQuest 'Evergreen'), Chord Carnival 2x3m speaker cables ready-to-use at €70. Our 'Evergreen': As before, a real highlight, especially when in close quaters of the pop /rock music areas The Denon components are in excellent workmanship and are controlled via a very good universal remote control and FM, CD, iPod /iPad, & Streaming Internet Radio. A turntable can be connected directly. Price to performance ratio: Excellent!