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Cavus Stands Now At HiFi im Hinterhof

Whether it's chic ceiling mounts, wall mounts, or elegant stands when it comes to Cavus, you'll be spoilt by their range of aesthetically sophisticated products which open up endless possibilities when it comes to setting up your TV, Sonos Soundbar, or even individual speakers in a way that not only looks great but produces brilliant sound.

Faller’s Portable TV Amp ‘Oskar’ Soon At HiFi Im Hinterhof!

Curious about watching TV with a voice amplifier? For those who are hearing-impaired or simply wish to guard against high-volume audio while watching TV — there's now an easy way to do so ⁠without compromising viewing pleasure. Faller Audio developed 'Oskar' precisely for this! Read on to find out more. The advanced sound is beyond impressive!

Snap Storage Sale

We're clearing out our warehouse! Find exciting special offers! The snap sale is on now running until the 3rd of June, 2022 so be sure to check out our online store to find some absolute bargains from our TV and HiFi ranges.      

Sneak Peek: Sony’s 100″ Bravia

Sneak Peek: Sony’s 100″ Bravia
Sneak Peek: Sony’s 100″ Bravia
It's quite something to be able to say that you know the thrill of watching a film on a 100-inch TV. We've set up the new Sony Bravia in our big-screen studio today and can already say that we're impressed. Here are some photos to make a first impression — but the photos don't do the magnificence justice, so watch this space for a video. Come by and see the FW100BZ40J and its fantastic depths of black for yourself

Video: Meet LG’s 4K OLED C29 TV

Let Paul from our TV Team introduce you to the new OLED C29 from LG in this video. In a compact format and with Dolby Vision 4K at 120 Hz, it's a treat for video game enthusiasts.     

Video: Presenting Our Loewe Studios

The entrance to our TV showroom has been renovated, making it the perfect occasion to showcase our range of Loewe, a forward-thinking yet traditional manufacturer. These include the We. in 32 inches as well as 43 inches, and LCD TVs picture c., which is 43 inches. You will also find OLED sets from the bild i. series in 48 inches and 55 inches, as well as one of Loewe's top models Loewe bild v. 65 dr+. But don't miss out on the Loewe klang s3 and the klang bar5 mr & sub5, which we've featured a few times already. As always, our TV team looks forward to providing you with all the advice you need!