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Our Digital Vinyl Set: PS Audio Sprout — Project RPM 1 Carbon — Dali Zensor for 1,499€

Anyone who has read our report on the PS Audio Sprout, the expected 1 Carbon and Dali known already occur censor 1 in combination with Pro-Ject RPM. The more incidental during our tests compilation has inspired us to a small but elegant set, that sounds great, is reduced to the bare essentials and simultaneously possesses enough flexibility to easily commute between analog and digital playback.

An Overview of 3D-Sound: Auro 3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

While Dolby and Auro Technologies have been around several months, causing a big stir with their 3D sound technologies Atmos and Auro, the surround sound specialists DTS have kept theirs conspicuously tucked away until now. Although unofficially floating around in certain circles, officially there has been no information pertaining to the DTS-UHD. Finally as part of this year's CES 2015,  accompanied by first demo shows, the in-house concept DTS:X had its launch announced for March 2015. In order to compete for top place in the future three 3D sound systems in the always lucrative home theatre market. What are the differences? Are the formats compatible with each other? And aren't three systems two too many? We summarize.

Our Hifi im Hinterhof Advents Wreath

In keeping with the festive season, here is a little peak at our Advent Wreath here at Hifi im Hinterhof. Naturally cables and connectors could not be missing from the decoration... the wreath will find itself all over HiFi and of course, the number of candles being lit will run in accordance with the Advent. Next year we've already got a tube-powered model with streaming capabilities in mind!

Join Us On Tour through Optimal Media Pressing Plant

The Optimal Media manufacturers in Röbel are one of Germany's last great record presses, famed nationally and internationally across all genres for their quality recordings, printed materials and packaging solutions. As part of a co-operative project to accompany our latest offerings, we'd like to give you the chance to join us on an exclusive tour of this holy production hall on the 28th of January 2015. We'd be delighted to have your company!

KEF Reference Series 5 now in stock!

At this year's high end hifi convention in Munich it finally happened: after the rumour mill had already predicted it in the correct direction, manufacturer KEF introduced the new and improved Reference Series. The flagship - the Reference Five - promptly won the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) Award 2014-2015. The speaker has arrived at our shop and its performance is waiting to be tested by you.

The Television vs. The Projector?

Every now and then you still come across CRT televisions: bulky and often small in size, they've quickly dropped by the way side. For some it may even make it to a second or third repair service, for almost all the others they end up as junk on the street corner, serving out the last of their existence. Their modern TV successors have been on a long race for first prize in functionality, design and screen size. Fueling this trend of home cinema ambitions is the horde of customers, who are watching sporting events, games, and evening blockbusters, whilst wanting to get the perfect viewing experience across the genres. While this promise so far was apparently solved with a projector screen now in the equation, one may still now weigh up the options: Big Screen TV or Projector?

New at HiFi im Hinterhof: 0% interest financing for up until 24 months with online purchases of €500 or more

If you're already a customer of ours in store perhaps you're aware of our financing opportunity. What's new is that we now offer -- in cooperation with the Santander Consumer Bank AG, the leading German bank in consumer finance -- the ability to obtain financing for your purchases when shopping in our online store. The monthly rates and the duration can naturally be customised to suit you. So don't let anything stop your from letting your desires quickly and easily come true!*