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TV Calibration At HiFi im Hinterhof

Although today’s televisions are calibrated by the manufacturer, there can still be irregularities with colour and brightness. Calibrating a television can significantly improve the picture quality. Our specialists, trained with the latest Calman software, can keep these discrepancies to a minimum and ensure perfect viewing at home. We take a closer look at exactly how this works.

Why is calibration worth doing?
Televisions on the market today are already auto-calibrated by the manufacturer, and generally offer great picture quality. So this may beg the question: Why spend more money on calibration?

Even auto-calibrated devices often deviate by more than 10% despite the settings, alone, there aren’t many opinions you have alone to counter this with conventional image optimization options.

One such example is that with the naked eye, you can still see that white areas, have a pink or green tinge, which is of course, not a very nice picture. With the necessary hardware and software, we adjust the colors, and this manual calibration results in a deviation of just 3-1% which is no longer visible to the naked eye. A picture clearly shows the difference.

Calman is the professionals' choice when it comes to getting the best possible picture quality out of your television. Our experts use Portrait Displays' advanced software to evaluate your device's performance and bring it up to internationally recognized video standards for HDtelevision and Ultra-HD/4K, including HDR. Calibration ensures that the image is what the filmmakers intended, not just a rough approximation of the ideal image reproduction. Don't miss the chance to realize the full potential of your television and experience movies and shows the way they were intended by the creators in the studio.

How does this kind of calibration work?
First of all, let's say that we calibrate all our current television models. The session itself takes about 1 to 2 hours. If you buy a new television, you can also book the calibration in the store and we will deliver it to your home.

But what exactly do we offer, and what’s involved in the calibration of your television set? Classically, we offer SDR (Standard Definition) or HDtelevision calibration. This is responsible for everything concerning DVD, Blu-ray, cable, and satellite television.

The equipment used for calibration is where it gets exciting. Our most important instrument is the software from CalMAN, with which we can adjust the colors so that they fit exactly. This software is also used to adjust the gamma curve so that we can still see through drawings in dark areas (such as the contours of a black couch in front of a black wall). As a measurement sensor, on the other hand, we use a so-called colorimeter, the SpectraCal C6 HDR2000 light meter. Also, from SpectraCal, we have a test image generator that feeds in the images. The test images can be used to adjust sharpness, brightness and contrast. Finally, VideoForge PRO is the physical pattern generator that is used for troubleshooting and calibration.

When the calibration is complete, you will receive a certificate by mail with the measurement results indicating which color profile we have calibrated. Should it ever happen that the television needs to be reset to factory settings, the calibrated data can thus be easily restored. We document the settings with photos for this purpose.

We offer our calibration service for both brand new devices and for models recently purchased from us. There are two options:

Computer-aided calibration with Calman software
Duration: Approximately 1h
Price: €99 Euro

Manual calibration by a professional
Duration: Approximately 2h
Price: €199

Get in touch via email: television@hifi-im-hinterhof.de

Please be sure to include your desired date. You’ll get a prompt reply from us. If your desired date is already taken, we will work to find the next available date that suits you.

Or call us: 030 253 753 0

For further questions on calibrating your television, our TV team is available for advice in person as well.

Our Store In Berlin

Our Store In Berlin

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Opening Hours Mon - Fri: 12 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Sat: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

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