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Sennheiser’s SoundProtex Ear Plugs

This year's festival season has begun. And the one thing you might not necessarily think about is hearing protection. However, it is not only important at concerts but also on construction sites, at home, in the office, and everywhere else where you want to protect your hearing. However, normal sound should not have to be sacrificed in the process. Sennheiser has addressed this issue and created alternatives with the two models SoundProtex and SoundProtex Plus, which take care of your hearing and still let you enjoy a conversation and music.

64 Audio’s U4s In-Ear Headphones: Small But Mighty!

The U4s from 64 Audio impress with a unique cabinet design and variable apex damping elements for precise sound adjustment. With the exclusive gold m12 damping element included, it also allows for flexible bass control. An outstanding set for audiophile music lovers at a really good price. It has never been as affordable as now to purchase a 64 Audio IEM. In our video with Daniel Dimitrov and Michael Hudson, you can learn more about apex and LID.

Astell&Kern A & Norma SR35: High-End HiFi On The Run

Astell&Kern A & Norma SR35: High-End HiFi On The Run
Astell&Kern A & Norma SR35: High-End HiFi On The Run
Astell&Kern A & Norma SR35: High-End HiFi On The Run
Astell&Kern A & Norma SR35: High-End HiFi On The Run
Astell&Kern A & Norma SR35: High-End HiFi On The Run
Astell&Kern A & Norma SR35: High-End HiFi On The Run
Astell&Kern A & Norma SR35: High-End HiFi On The Run
High-Resolution Player NORMA SR35 with Quad-DAC, new User Interface, Roon Ready, new Amp, 20h runtime, 2-Gain Mode, and BT with LDAC/AptxHD — what more could you want? Audio enthusiasts were already thrilled with the previous SR25 MKII model due to its portable size and powerful hi-fi sound via the 4.4mm jack. The new A&norma SR35 inherits these advantages and offers the same amplifier and audio design as Astell&Kern's premium products. The SR35 is the new benchmark in the entry-level class.

Sennheiser HD 660 S2: Open HiFi Headphones With Powerful Lows

For sound enthusiasts, it's often a matter of conviction whether open or closed headphones sound better. If you choose open headphones, the Sennheiser HD 660S2 will delight you with an impressive and detailed sound image that sounds natural and relaxed at any volume. The lightweight construction and soft-fitting ear cushions ensure high wearing comfort, even after hours of listening. During the development of the HD 660S2, all materials and technical solutions were carefully matched to ensure the best possible sound experience. The new model has arrived at our store.   

Our Easter Specials 2023 Edition

To mark Easter this year, we've put together a selection of deals at exceptional prices! And we hope, just maybe, there's something for you exciting on offer in Our Online Store. Enjoy browsing, and hopefully a relaxing Easter break!

Yamaha’s High-End YH-5000SE Headphones With True Sound & Orthodynamic Drivers Arriving In April

Yamaha has launched the YH-5000SE, a top-of-the-line headphone with planar-magnetic drivers that builds on a long tradition of developing high-quality headphones. Back in the 1970s, Yamaha relied on morphodynamic drivers and faithful sound reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum with the HP-1. The YH-5000SE now relies on luxurious materials, extremely lightweight construction, and a perfect evolution of the drivers to enrich the current line-up of headphones

Clearance Sale 2023

Like every year, we started 2023 with a thorough inventory. But this year, we're also modernizing our warehouse facilities as well. To help make room for new products, we have assembled a diverse range of models from HiFi, Home Cinema, TV, and Headphone departments for you. Check out the offers now in Our Online Store. Be quick! All offers are only available while stocks last!

Meze AUDIO 109 PRO With Furukawa Cable Upgrade

The goal of Meze's first dynamic open headphones is to convey pure emotion. Once placed on the head, the listeners are intended to become inconspicuous and give you nothing but the joy of music. And to do so permanently and sustainably. Designed with timelessness, the 109 PRO is meant to outlast short-lived industry trends and create exceptional listening experiences for years to come. To deliver on this promise, the Romanian company has come up with a number of exciting solutions. One of them is the hand-braided Furukawa cable, which ensures the best possible signal transmission and which we offer you in two sets.

Audio-Technica’s ATH-TWX9 Noise Cancelling Headphones

In-ear headphones and noise-canceling are quite an excellent combination for on the go, at home, during sports or wherever you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Audio-Technica jumps on the bandwagon with the ATH-TWX9, presenting a pair of headphones worth listening to and watching. The model can be flexibly adapted to your needs. Find out what the headphones have to offer below.