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Introduction Video to Our New Home Cinema

Last year we launched our new, large home cinema room and two smaller suites dedicated to the big screen! In the meantime, we also added a fourth room. In our latest German-language video, Robert introduces just those four home theatres, focusing on their different features, the different technical possibilities and our product range. Further information about our products can also be found here.

Overview of The Different HDR Formats

Before buying a new TV you should find out what this has to offer. One quickly comes across the high dynamic range (HDR) – a term that we examined some time ago in its individual components. The term is understood to mean a number of technological components that combine to produce images with high dynamic range and more color information, thus significantly improving image quality. HDR is now available in a variety of formats, which we will review below.

Using Contrast Projection Screens

Screens are not only an essential part of the home cinema look but contribute significantly to the enthralling nature of the film experience. An ideal image quality is ensured especially when the room is black, otherwise, the light is reflected by the walls. If it is a bright room, the colours may look pale and the contrast of the projection may suffer. To counteract this, more and more contrast screens (including high gain screens) are being used. We deal with this topic in the following post… 

Roon Labs – The Complete Service for HiFi-Streaming

Software for managing and playing music is now available from numerous vendors. In a modified form, they all have in common the usual representation of albums, artists, and music-titles. With a smart user interface and numerous additional display options, the music player from Roon now roles the market. The provider takes a distance from the conventional, tabular view. Instead, the individual elements, such as the artist, the genre or the images, are linked together, which ensures individual navigation. What Roon also brings with you, look at the following.

The Stereo Triangle: Optimisation of Set-Up With Loudspeakers

The sound quality of your stereo reproduction will be positively influenced by the correct positioning of the speakers and the appropriate listening position. The sound image appears more balanced and natural and creates an authentic music experience for the listener. In the following, we explain what the stereo stage is all about.

The Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 2: Installation

Currently the Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 2 is still on special offer. Depending on which components you use, the set-up can be tricky however that certainly does not mean there should be any doubts on the sound quality. We've summarized a few hints in a PDF which may be helpful, if you understand German!

Back to Basics: Home Cinema Projection

There is something special about being able to enjoy your favorite films and series on your own walls. But to arrive at that point first quite a lot needs to be undertaken because a home cinema is extensive and requires mature consideration and planning. The central theme of the home cinema is the projector so let's begin there...

Record Players and Cleaning

Right about now is the pefect time for some Spring cleaning! So why not get onto doing something good for your vinyl collection and record player this year? In our German-language video, Jochen shows us a record cleaning machine in action and reveals just how often you should be cleaning. More detailed information is available here.