Bluesound – the new streaming und multiroom manufacturer at HiFi im Hinterhof

Not familiar with the terms from the lastest tech-terminology: Node, Powernode, Pulses and Vault? Exciting new streaming components are hiding behind these four terms, all with their own excellent tonal qualities operated via the Streamer app, which supports both Android and IOS in each unit.

Node: The solution to making your exisiting stereo-set up capable of streaming and receiving web radio, analog and digital outputs.

Powernode: Want to connect directly your speakers directly to the streamer? Try the Powernode which gives you much more power and great configuration options — mono, stereo, two left and two right – more than you can do with any other kind of system. For example you can use the Powernode to drive a speaker in two adjacent rooms — and automatically convert the stereo signal into two monos, so that in both spaces arrives the same musical experience.

Vault: Secure your music directly on the server, together with the Ripping-function. Special feature — the Vault includes the Ripper and Streamer in one Node, perfect for use on the stereo system!

Pulse: For all side rooms there with the pulses a powerful compact system. Enjoy great sound, great aesthetics and excellent power reserves to distinguish the pulses. An optical digital input also allows you to connect to a PC or television.

Duo: If there is to be even more space than the pulses can offer offer at the Duo speakers along with subwoofer.

All Bluesound devices can play the way high-resolution formats – up to 192 kHz / 24 bit! Experience it for yourself by visiting our store in Berlin or at a Bluesound dealer in your area.

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