Stereo Set-Ups: Our Favourites from €2,000 to €10,000

Part two of our thoughts on your stereo investments: If you're thinking that a compact system may not be enough for you -- perhaps your living room is large or sometimes you need a that extra high volume, or that you simply want everything to sound better -- then let us give you the low down on some current highlights across four price categories. Fully-equipped package for €1,900 KEF iQ90 (€998), Denon PMA / DCD / DNP 720 together for €890, 2x high quality RCA cable to each €26 (AudioQuest 'Evergreen'), Chord Carnival 2x3m speaker cables ready-to-use at €70. Our 'Evergreen': As before, a real highlight, especially when in close quaters of the pop /rock music areas The Denon components are in excellent workmanship and are controlled via a very good universal remote control and FM, CD, iPod /iPad, & Streaming Internet Radio. A turntable can be connected directly. Price to performance ratio: Excellent!

Huge sound and power handling for about €5000 Monitor Audio Silver 10 + Rotel RA-1570, RCD-1570 and RDG-1520

The Silver 10 Monitor Audio offers serious value for money. The largest box in our presentation combined with a very powerful amplifier just as ideal for quiet as it is loud sounds. Perfect for large spaces over 30m² and for those who sometimes want to throw a real party.

The Rotel RA-1570 combines Bluetooth streaming and D/A converters with a very appealing performance. If desired, an additional tuner and network audio player RDG-1520 or the CD player RCD-1570 is recommended.

More sound for your money! A dynamic piece with the capacity to gauge.
Compact electronics with full equipment, space/performance wonders for €8,000. B&W CM10 (€3,598) + Naim SuperUniti (€4,748).

The combination from our team member Emrah Cura combines simple, elegant design with compact dimensions, excellent sound, and fantastic usability. SuperUniti combines streaming with FM, DAB +, digital and analog inputs with an excellent iPhone & iPad App for perfect operation.
The CM10 is currently our most popular speakers; you get the combination of high-quality workmanship and excellent sound with a 10-year-warranty and considering the sound quality and power handling, this piece comes at a very reasonable price.

Die Naim SuperUniti bietet High-Tech in edlem Design

The Naim SuperUniti boasts cutting edge technology in an elegant design


Monitor Audio PL200 + Musical Fidelity M6i + M6CD


The Musical Fidelity M6CD plays in a CD-Player league of its own

From a certain price range upwards the ‘All-in-One’ consoles make less sense, in the way of customizing across the choices for individual pieces for creating your own optimal stereo arrangement.

The Musical Fidelity combination plays only CDs and can be used as a D/A converter. The M6i is also an incredible sounding, powerful amp. Along with the 200 Monitor Audio Platinum, there are very few that can compete in this price category. This combination has, among others, convinced many highly acclaimed pianists and cellists with its authentic and natural reproduction. Depending on the requirements it can be easily retro-fitted all other necessary functions, such as streaming and radio.

Should you be interested in one of the sets or the components — or you want to experience and tell us how in Kreuzberg — sign up, please e-mail or phone with us, so we can arrange an obligation-free live demonstrations in one of our listening studios.

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  1. Tony Hirst on

    Do you mean that in this price range this combination has few better sounding alternatives?

    • HiFi International on

      Hi Tony, thanks for visiting our site and pointing out that error of expression to us.
      Yes, that is what we meant.
      Best wishes
      Your HiFi im Hinterhof Team


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