Custom Installation By HiFi im Hinterhof’s Team

Whether built-in speakers, matching amplifiers, custom-made furniture or your personal dream cinema, including an adjustable screen - some things have to be individually designed, and others adapted to specific rooms. In other cases, it's simply a matter of mounting a TV or setting up speakers. No matter what you are looking for: For these needs, we have an installation service that will support you from planning to implementation. So feel free to contact us with your small and even very large projects.

Roksan’s Attessa Firmware Update

The firmware update 3.3.2 for the Roksan Attessa amplifiers is here: In this update, the main focus was placed on the communication of the amplifiers (integrated as well as streaming amplifiers). This applies to the MaestroUnite app as well as to WLAN and the Attessa CDT.  Want to learn more?

Sennheiser’s SoundProtex Ear Plugs

This year's festival season has begun. And the one thing you might not necessarily think about is hearing protection. However, it is not only important at concerts but also on construction sites, at home, in the office, and everywhere else where you want to protect your hearing. However, normal sound should not have to be sacrificed in the process. Sennheiser has addressed this issue and created alternatives with the two models SoundProtex and SoundProtex Plus, which take care of your hearing and still let you enjoy a conversation and music.

Leica’s Cine 1 Now In-Stock!

Leica’s Cine 1 Now In-Stock!
Leica’s Cine 1 Now In-Stock!
Leica’s Cine 1 Now In-Stock!
Leica’s Cine 1 Now In-Stock!
Leica’s Cine 1 Now In-Stock!
Dieses Laser-TV-Gerät markiert den Eintritt des renommierten deutschen Traditionsunternehmens in den Bereich der Kurzdistanzprojektoren, wir haben bereits darüber berichtet: Jetzt ist er da! Im Stil des Bauhauses vereinen sich zeitlose Eleganz und eine klare Fokussierung auf das Wesentliche. Das edle Aluminiumgehäuse, das automatische Dust Cover, die perforierte Lautsprecher-Abdeckung und die Integration des ikonischen, roten Leica-Punkts verleihen dem Gerät eine unverkennbare Ästhetik. Doch das ist noch nicht alles...

Trade-Up Specials: We Help You Upgrade!

Check out our new Trade-Up Offers, and let us help you upgrade! We're allowing you to trade in your current devices to save money on purchasing a cutting-edge model. Now's the time to act if you've considered upgrading to a device with improved interfaces and higher performance. Don't miss this opportunity — each promotion has a limited time period.

Denon’s Trade-Up Weeks

Improving on already great sounds has never been easier with Denon Trade-Up Weeks until June 30, 2023. Denon's AV receivers incorporate innovative high-performance technologies and proven expertise. When purchasing a selected device, Denon owners can receive an upgrade bonus of €3,900 on their existing wares. To find out the requirements for the Denon AV receiver Trade-Up deal, click here.

JBL’s Classic Editions: Upgraded At A Brilliant Price!

On our recent trip to the annual High-End event in Munich, we enjoyed listening to the latest releases from JBL. Specifically, it is a new edition or revised version of the Classic series. It is acoustically modernized and brought to a better state. The models get new crossovers, a bi-wiring terminal, and new drivers. For this reason, our current stock of the models L52 Classic, L82 Classic, and L100 Classic will be slightly cheaper.

64 Audio’s U4s In-Ear Headphones: Small But Mighty!

The U4s from 64 Audio impress with a unique cabinet design and variable apex damping elements for precise sound adjustment. With the exclusive gold m12 damping element included, it also allows for flexible bass control. An outstanding set for audiophile music lovers at a really good price. It has never been as affordable as now to purchase a 64 Audio IEM. In our video with Daniel Dimitrov and Michael Hudson, you can learn more about apex and LID.

Our Spring Deals 2023

Discover our incredible Spring Deals now and be inspired by our diverse selection of products. Head to our Online Store where you might find just what you're looking for! Enjoy browsing and the joys of the season!      

Video: KEF LS50 — Rediscover A Classic

Die KEF LS50 ist zweifellos ein Klassiker unter den Lautsprechern, der zurecht einen ausgezeichneten Ruf  in der Audio-Community erlangt hat. Mit ihrem zeitlosen Design und ihrem herausragenden Klang können Sie eine unvergleichliche Hörerfahrung genießen. Die Kollegen Robert Schlundt und Alexander Raum haben die LS50 mal genauer ins Visier genommen. Seien Sie gespannt! Im Rahmen unserer Pfingstaktion bieten wir diesen Lautsprecher im Bundle mit dem Solo Uno von Arcam an - so haben Sie ein Komplettsystem für den Schreibtisch für unter 1000 Euro.