Deep Tones Without Deep Pockets: The SVS 1000-Pro Series

At the end of February, a revised version of the 1000 subwoofer series of the manufacturer SVS appears with the models SB-1000-Pro and PB-1000-Pro of the 1000-Pro series. Anyone who wants "real" cinema sound for the home, i.e. not only wants to hear the bass, but also feel it, is well advised to use a subwoofer. A woofer is just as excellent for reproducing the lower frequencies of all styles of music. With the help of a designated bass speaker, any audiophile setup can be rounded off in this way, making the listening experience even more rousing.

Save On The Cambridge Audio Edge M

Cambridge Audio has thought of something special for all those who are interested in the Edge M — the new monoblock power amplifier from the Brits. If you already own the Edge W power amplifier, you can quote the serial number of your W model when purchasing the Edge M and receive a 20 percent discount on the monoblocks. You also get 20% off the Edge M when you buy the Edge NQ network player in combination with the monoblocks.    

Coming Soon: Hegel’s V10 Phono Preamp

Hegel is best known for its high-quality integrated amplifiers, which also feature streaming functions. Last fall, we already wrote an article about those same integrated amplifiers, a D/A converter, and a CD player from Hegel. Now we are pleased to announce that yet another model has joined the ranks of the top devices: The V10 phono preamplifier. In the following, we will take a look at it.

LG’s New CineBeam 4K Laser Projectors

With the CineBeam AU810PW Forza and the CineBeam HU810PW, Forte LG launches two excellent 4K laser projectors. Thanks to the latest technologies, they allow cinema-level entertainment in every home.

Samsung’s The Terrace QLED 4K Leaves Some TVs Out In The Cold

The garden season is just around the corner, and so now so is a new TV! With The Terrace, Samsung launches a weatherproof QLED 4K TV on the market. The outdoor TV defies all external influences like rain, snow, wind, and dust according to IP55 and thus enables a real 4K experience even outdoors. It has an extremely high luminosity of up to 4,000 nits, and anti-reflective technology also ensures dynamic images in all weather conditions. Also, Samsung typically offers various smart additional features, such as intelligent voice control, Tap View, and Multi View. The additionally available, even waterproof, 3-channel soundbar brings excellent sound to the outdoor area at home.

KEF’s KC62 Shows That Size Doesn’t Matter

The British manufacturer KEF already caused quite a stir at the beginning of the year with the presentation of new driver technology. This technology, known as Uni-Core, is used for the first time in the compact KC62 subwoofer. Let us introduce you...

OLED & Ambilight: Phillips’ The New TVs

As part of the announcement of the new Ambilight OLED TVs, we are pleased to welcome Phillips and their new models. Their Ambilight and OLED TVs bridge the gap between the rich color of self-luminous pixel technology and the unparalleled atmospheric power of indirect side lighting that extends beyond the edge of the picture. More information on the models and their delivery date will follow shortly.