Surround Sound with The Bluesound Powernode 2i HDMI

The Powernode 2i from Bluesound is a streaming amplifier that has played a role in our audio constellations many times. Now the model has been updated to the latest version, features an HDMI connection on the back and allows you to enjoy the Dolby Digital experience in your own four walls — without any cable clutter! The Powernode 2i HDMI is connected to passive speakers and becomes the centre of the multi-channel sound system. Older models can still be used and be used as rear surround channels. An incredible innovation!

Video: How To Calibrate The Dirac Live

Measuring with Dirac Live can be full of turns and surprises, and is not so easy at the beginning, but the hard work really pays off! So that you don't have to deal with the procedure for days on end, our team member Alex carries out the complete calibration from start to finish in this German-language video. During this process, he goes into the things that have to be observed and explains where errors can occur. The Lexicon RV-6 serves us as an example for the calibration.

Our HiFi USB Guide

The USB standard is almost the default standard in the HiFi world, just think of classic cinch connectors, or speaker terminals. In contrast to these analogue connections, however, USB interfaces do not only appear in different forms, they can also take on completely different functions due to their programmability. To help you keep an overview and know what to look out for, this article will clarify some basic aspects.

Our Latest Video: Home Cinema In-Wall & Mounted Speakers

The conception of a home cinema requires a lot of planning. The big questions lie not only with the choice of screen and projector, but also the choice of speakers. Sooner or later, you'll have to address the topics of built-in and mounted speakers. Manufacturers KEF, Bowers & Wilkins, Dali and Monitor Audio have developed different solutions for this that we want to present. Here we're eager to give an initial overview. For a personal consultation, we're more than happy to assist, and together find out which loudspeakers best suit your needs.