Coming soon: 64 Audio’s High End In-Ear Headphones

Good news: The first test definitely impressed us, and that's why we are starting with the new in-ear headphones from 64 Audio. Of course, we hope to be able to offer the whole range soon. We start with the models U12t as well as U18t. But also the models Nio, tia Trió and the largest, the tia Fourté, are very exciting in our eyes (and ears). It should be noted that these headphones from the high-end range are absolutely natural. If you are looking for the PA studio sound, you will find it here. If you are interested, just contact us and come by to get to know the little giants.    

Latest Video: Samsung’s Designer Sero TV

The design series from Samsung has been booted robustly: The Sero is not only a design television, but it also specialises in mobile applications. Pairing smartphone and smart TV is easier than ever with this model, as it adapts to the phone's screen. In concrete terms, this means that the TV turns with you to display applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, etc., which traditionally work in portrait mode. What else the television brings with it, we explain in our video. Have fun!

…And Some Good News: Lexicon’s Models Available Again

One month ago we announced that our RV-9 and RV-6 AV receivers from Lexicon were sold out. We're now happy to inform you that our promise of newly stocked devices has landed! This means all models are once again available again in both our online and retail store from now. Why not drop into our shop to see these beauties for yourself? We look forward to welcoming you.

Focal Offer: Get 800 Euros Off An Arche Amp

The Arche headphone amplifier will lift your sound experience. And with FOCAL headphones, we're wrapped to present a new offer: With the purchase of the Arche headphone amplifier from Focal, you can save a sweet 800 €.

Update: Delivery Delays On Some Products

Dear Customers, Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we're currently experiencing delays in the supply chains of our goods due to bottle-necks in delivery. To prevent any confusion, we ask that you contact us to confirm as a precaution. The delivery times of our manufacturers are conditional. We, therefore, are unable to provide a 100% guarantee on the estimates given, but we are happily available to assist you as best we can.

Our Latest Video: NAD’s T778 AV Receiver

Already this spring, we were excitedly reporting on the T778 from NAD, and now we've finally integrated the AV receiver available to test in one of our Home Cinemas. Our colleague Alex was able to take a moment from our hectic retail business to present the model in brief. What is especially exciting is, of course, the ability to calibrate with Dirac Live.  Worth mentioning is that for the moment, NAD only grants access with the compressed version; however, the fully-equipped version is available for purchase in our store. For now, we hope you can enjoy this German-language video!  

Let Panasonic’s New H-Series OLED TVs Blow You Away

Get ready: Panasonic has very much hit the top-of-the-range set with its new H-series OLED TVs. Once again we can see why the manufacturer's TVs are so popular. The new HZW1004 models are carving their reputation first and foremost with their screen excellence; however, there are more features and subtitles to enjoy in the range.