The NAD Masters Stereo Power Amplifier: Farewell To Distortion!

The high-end NAD Masters Series has a new kid on the block: The  M23 Stereo Power Amplifier. Yet again, the manufacturer is proving what can be achieved by combining the company's hybrid digital finesse with that of the Danish tech company, Purifi.

The latter was first used two years ago in NAD’s popular M33 Streaming DAC Amplifier. At that time, the Purifi Eigenakt technology already attracted attention with its extremely low intermodulation distortion over the entire frequency response, the particularly low distortion factor of only 0.0007 percent, and minimal inherent noise. In addition, amplifier units equipped with this technology are remarkably insensitive to changing loudspeaker loads. Their extremely low output impedance also results in a very high damping factor. This circumstance makes itself felt in a controlled and at the same time powerful bass reproduction. The new M23 also has a whopping continuous power of 380 watts at both outputs and an impulse power of 2 x 520 watts at 4 Ω. This means that it is capable of driving any passive speaker in the best possible quality, practically without exception. If you need more, it can also be operated as a mono power amplifier in a bridge circuit. In this case, even impulse power of up to 1,017 W at 8 Ω is no longer an impossibility. If you also own a NAD M33 streaming integrated amplifier, you also have the option of expanding your hi-fi system to a system with 2 × 700 watts of continuous power. Here, the bridged M33 takes over the amplification of one and the bridged M23 that of the other stereo channel. The switching power supplies and Class D output stages of the M23 surpass those of classic and power-hungry linear power supplies and inefficient Class A/B output stages. Sonically, NAD’s exceptional power amplifier is convincing due to its detailed and dynamic sound as well as its amazingly controlled reproduction.

The front panel, lid, and chassis of the aluminum case are kept in the two-tone black-silver look typical for the NAD Masters series. The very elaborately designed and at the same time exceedingly elegant chassis of the NAD Masters M23 amplifier is made of aluminum. In addition to gold-plated RCA jacks, the M23 has balanced XLR inputs, which ensure a signal feed without possible interference even on longer cable runs.


On top of that, the NAD M23 offers a three-stage adjustable input sensitivity as well as an automatic switch-on when an audio input signal is present. This makes the NAD M23 power amplifier particularly suitable for use with 2-channel components that have a level-adjustable stereo preamplifier output. Most stand-alone preamplifiers, CD players, or audio streamers would therefore be suitable.

Final Thoughts
The NAD M23 is an outstanding stereo power amplifier: It delivers all that the NAD name promises, especially with its practically distortion-free sound and power capacity. In addition to a variety of other products from the house of NAD, as well as power amplifiers from various manufacturers, we carry in our assortment everything that excites the HiFi heart and is already very much looking forward to welcoming you to a consultation with us.

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