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Video: JBL’S 4305P Active Loudspeaker For The Studio & Living Spaces

At this year's High End, Harman Luxury Audio unveiled its first active studio monitor. The 4305P from JBL is a fully self-contained, active speaker system. Of course, it comes with high-resolution audio streaming. Look forward to wired as well as wireless connectivity and sonic accuracy along with powerful dynamics. The speaker is aimed at both private individuals and the pro sector. Learn more in our video.

Video: The KEF LS60 and LSX II Speakers’ Wireless Joy

A speaker without edges and without screws — that is the LS60 Wireless Speaker from KEF. We were able to see the speaker for the first time in April but were not able to report on the model at that time. But we were instantly taken by how KEF chose to celebrate its 60 years in the business. Now we can finally present the LS60 in detail. Also joining the audio family is the LSX II, an active loudspeaker boasting sonic prowess. Enjoy the video!  

Video: Unpacking The KEF Blade Two Meta

In times like these, the arrival of such a piece of audio magnificence, the KEF Blade Two Meta, is no short of a thrill. What a stunner to land in our speaker range! It's got the DNA as its predecessor, the Blade One Meta, only in a smaller format. Look forward to four 165 mm noise-canceling woofers and a Uni-Q driver system. You can expect a superior listening experience. Just to say, we did only unpack the one model — obviously — in red. But the color possibilities are almost limitless because, in addition to a large selection that you can see in our shop, KEF gives you the option to create your own color scheme.  

The KEF Reference 3 Meta Now In Our Showrooms

The KEF Reference 3 Meta Now In Our Showrooms
The KEF Reference 3 Meta Now In Our Showrooms
The KEF Reference 3 Meta Now In Our Showrooms
The KEF Reference 3 Meta Now In Our Showrooms
Our regular readers will have likely noticed that we just can't get enough from the British manufacturer KEF. And today, we're excited to post some photos of the newly arrived KEF Reference 3 Meta in our showrooms. The 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker of the latest addition to the KEF Reference Series is equipped with both the company's patented Uni-Q Technology and the 12th generation of MAT™ metamaterial absorption technology. But no need to be convinced with our audio industry jargon — come see what the excitement is about yourself! We look forward to welcoming you in person at our retail store in Berlin-Kreuzberg. 

Video: IsoTek’s V5 Elektra IsoTek

The V5 Elektra is a line filter from IsoTek. It has a total of six independent outputs, each equipped with its own individual filter system. So you can say that here you will find six independent systems for current cleaning combined in one box. Two high-current outputs are available for amplifiers, active subwoofers, and more, and use the four other connections for your auxiliary players. Each of the six outputs has its own dedicated filter network, so six components are in one box! The system is therefore ideal for all audio and AV systems. Also included is the Initium power cord with a length of 1.5 meters. Please come by and have a look at the filter system yourself. We look forward to seeing you!

Video: Sophisticated Sounds Without Cable Chaos

One of our showrooms is now a wireless studio with speakers and systems from Dali, KEF, Sonus Faber, Cabasse, JBL, and Naim Audio. What's shared within this array is that they are wireless models. This means that streaming and multi-room solutions can also be implemented easily! In order to be able to ideally compare this multitude of playing partners with each other and thus find the model that suits you best, we have now completed a room that is exactly there: Feel free to come by and listen to the speakers  

JBL’s 4305P Active Monitors Flying Off Our Shelves

Not long ago, we introduced JBL's new 4305P active monitor in a post. We wanted to give you an impression in time for the big arrival in our retail store. But giving you the chance to see these in our showrooms with your own eyes (and hear with your own ears, of course!) this is turning out to be more difficult than we thought! These speakers have been heading out our door in the arms of happy new owners faster than we can re-stock them. Pre-ordering is truly the only way to avoid missing out!