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Black Friday 2023 at HiFi im Hinterhof

For Black Friday, we have orchestrated the perfect symphony for all your senses: From HiFi to TV, Homecinema, and headphones, we present you with top-notch deals to elevate your entertainment experience to a new level. From November 19th to November 30th, 2023, we cordially invite you to browse and discover in our Black Friday-Section. We wish you bright joy amidst the darkest deals of the year.

Video: Unboxing the New Denon DP-3000NE Turntable

At the beginning of this week, the Denon DP-3000NE arrived. We've been eagerly anticipating this turntable for quite some time! Naturally, we grabbed our camera right away to capture the unboxing of this beauty on video. We're including our initial impressions as a bonus. We hope you enjoy watching as much as we did unveiling it.

The Rega Planar 3 50th Anniversary Edition: A Tribute to Rega’s History

In 1973, Roy Gandy and Tony Relph founded Rega Research Ltd. Their first turntable, "The Planet," featured an innovative design with three circular supports revolving around a central "planet" and laid the foundation for the company's success 50 years ago, even though the initial launch was a bit rocky and "The Planet" had to be redesigned. The anniversary model, the Rega Planar 3 50th Anniversary Edition, now proudly carries the knowledge acquired over half a century.

Roksan’s Attessa Firmware Update

The firmware update 3.3.2 for the Roksan Attessa amplifiers is here: In this update, the main focus was placed on the communication of the amplifiers (integrated as well as streaming amplifiers). This applies to the MaestroUnite app as well as to WLAN and the Attessa CDT.  Want to learn more?

Trade-Up Specials: We Help You Upgrade!

Check out our new Trade-Up Offers, and let us help you upgrade! We're allowing you to trade in your current devices to save money on purchasing a cutting-edge model. Now's the time to act if you've considered upgrading to a device with improved interfaces and higher performance. Don't miss this opportunity — each promotion has a limited time period.

JBL’s Classic Editions: Upgraded At A Brilliant Price!

On our recent trip to the annual High-End event in Munich, we enjoyed listening to the latest releases from JBL. Specifically, it is a new edition or revised version of the Classic series. It is acoustically modernized and brought to a better state. The models get new crossovers, a bi-wiring terminal, and new drivers. For this reason, our current stock of the models L52 Classic, L82 Classic, and L100 Classic will be slightly cheaper.

Video: KEF LS50 — Rediscover A Classic

Die KEF LS50 ist zweifellos ein Klassiker unter den Lautsprechern, der zurecht einen ausgezeichneten Ruf  in der Audio-Community erlangt hat. Mit ihrem zeitlosen Design und ihrem herausragenden Klang können Sie eine unvergleichliche Hörerfahrung genießen. Die Kollegen Robert Schlundt und Alexander Raum haben die LS50 mal genauer ins Visier genommen. Seien Sie gespannt! Im Rahmen unserer Pfingstaktion bieten wir diesen Lautsprecher im Bundle mit dem Solo Uno von Arcam an - so haben Sie ein Komplettsystem für den Schreibtisch für unter 1000 Euro.

Bluesound’s NODE X: An Anniversay Special Release!

Celebrate Bluesound's 10-year anniversary with us and take your digital music pleasure to the next level! The new Node X offers even more features than its popular predecessor, the N130: The integrated D/A converter ESS SABRE 9028 Q2M ensures outstanding sound quality, and the improved headphone amplifier enables an intense listening experience. The 6.3mm headphone output makes listening to music even more convenient. And a highlight: The Node X is available in the exclusive silver color while stocks last.

Monitor Audio Platinum 100 3G As Tested by FIDELITY Magazine

Even the intro to the test of the Platinum 100 3G reads promisingly: "When the first mate becomes a skipper, you know that the barge is in good hands. Occasionally, however, you are surprised when the journey takes you into uncharted waters." And also the conclusion: "Even as a compact Monitor Audio Platinum 100 3G, you can still also fill a room with atmospheric sound masses, but bring to this a previously unknown degree of liveliness and follow driving rhythms as playfully as sure-footedly. "S. Polcyn, FIDELITY No 67 on April 23. But: The proof of the pudding is in the eating — come and hear for yourself!