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BluOS Streaming Devices: Some Useful Tips!

We never stop learning and are always happy when we can help: A customer had a problem with his BluOS streaming integrated amplifier NAD C700, which no longer worked properly. He had already tried to solve the problem himself but could not find a fault. Therefore, he decided to have the device examined by us. But we could not find any fault in the device either. This did not satisfy us. We could not leave it at that.

Video: NAD Streaming Integrated amplifiers M10 V2 & C700

In this video, our team member Alex introduces the M10 V2 BluOS® streaming integrated amplifier with Dolby Digital decoder, as well as its little sibling the new C700 from NAD. Have fun watching learning more about the features and applications of both devices.

The NAD T778 Is Finally Available Again!

We're pleased to announce that the popular and eagerly awaited T778 AV receiver from NAD is now available again with us! If you want to learn more about the exceptional receiver, we've got this summary that we put together a while ago with the important facts and details. In addition — in case you missed it — we made this video on the AV receiver that is so near to our hearts. And there are always more Home Cinema NAD receivers on to check out on our homepage.

Just In: NAD’s T778

It has been almost a year since we first reported on the T778 from NAD. We are pleased to finally be able to present the model. With this, you can (in the compressed version) calibrate your home theater with Dirac Live and furthermore, it can be used as a multiroom system. If you are interested, you can purchase the product from us. For German-speaking audiences, our video from last year gives an overview of everything you need to know about the AV receiver.    

Low Noise: The New NAD M28 Power Amplifier

Low Noise: The New NAD M28 Power Amplifier
Low Noise: The New NAD M28 Power Amplifier
Low Noise: The New NAD M28 Power Amplifier
The seven-channel power amplifier M28 is the superlative of NAD's characteristic "master" high-end segment. The amplifier is, along with the recently introduced M33 (also featured in our blog), one of the first amplifiers to use the self-timing amplifier technology of the leading Danish technology company Purifi.

Our Latest Video: NAD’s T778 AV Receiver

Already this spring, we were excitedly reporting on the T778 from NAD, and now we've finally integrated the AV receiver available to test in one of our Home Cinemas. Our colleague Alex was able to take a moment from our hectic retail business to present the model in brief. What is especially exciting is, of course, the ability to calibrate with Dirac Live.  Worth mentioning is that for the moment, NAD only grants access with the compressed version; however, the fully-equipped version is available for purchase in our store. For now, we hope you can enjoy this German-language video!  

AV Power For Home Cinema: The NAD T778

Home cinema has long been more than just staring at a screen. With the NAD T778, you get the latest technology in both video and audio. Also, the AV receiver is a powerful multi-room system. The most important facts about the new model from NAD are summarised below.