Mark Levinson’s No. 5909: Listening Luxury For Your Ears

You probably associate the name Mark Levinson with high-end hi-fi models for high-quality amplifiers, streaming devices, and also turntables. Now we can all look forward to the first Active Noice Cancelling headphones called No. 5909.  Read on as we take a closer look.

We were pleasantly surprised when we first learned about the Mark Levinson No. 5909 Headphones. These are Bluetooth headphones that you can use perfectly on the go thanks to their active noise cancellation. One of a kind! Available in Pearl Black, Radiant Red, and Ice Pewter (a metallic gray), this comfortable model features an aluminum frame and a genuine leather headband.

As we are accustomed to high-quality products from this company, the over-ear headphones are also designed on a high level. A beryllium-coated 40 mm driver was used. This coating is extremely light and stable to achieve a very good sound quality. What you know from other Mark Levinson models is the so-called Harman Curve and this also comes into play here. In years of acoustic research, a frequency response was determined that sounds particularly pleasant. Furthermore, the adaptive ANC reduces background noise so that you can fully concentrate on your music. The sound reaches your ears in reference quality. The same can also be said about the call quality during phone calls, and your conversation partners also benefit from the headphones. Four microphones are integrated into the headphones, which prevent the voice from sounding washed out.

According to Mark Levinson, it is also possible to play music in high quality via headphones. Remarkable! The playback time is up to 34 hours or up to 30 hours with activated ANC. And if you charge your device for just 15 minutes, another 6 hours of runtime should be possible. By the way, as is quite common nowadays, the settings for the No. 5909 are made via an app.

With Mark Levinson’s headphones, you can lose yourself in your music. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but the sound is truly outstanding. Unfortunately, we don’t know at this point when exactly the headphones will arrive. It was announced at the beginning of this year, but as with very many products, there are widespread supply shortages worldwide. However, this also gives us time to let the anticipation for this high-end model grow even bigger. Join us in looking forward to the No. 5909!

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