The Most Important Dirac Live Know-Hows

Difficulties can arise time and again with tuning the Dirac Live. To prevent this, we briefly summarize the essentials so you can enjoy your music to the fullest. We sum up the most elevant settings, and common sources of error. It's just an overview from us, as the program includes further details than we don't cover in our explainer.

Software Update
While it come across as insignifcant, in fact keeping your devices up-to-date software wise is incredibly important. It’s is the only way to ensure that Dirac Live works seamlessly.

If you own a Lexicon model, download an update from the site. For the firmware version you have to select “Rest of the World” and then drag both .fw files to a USB stick. Afterwards this is plugged into the AV receiver. To activate the update, press the key combination “Info” and “Display”. It is then absolutely necessary to reset the device by pressing and holding the menu button on the front for 5 seconds. When the display shows “Set Up Menu”, press “OK” and “Direct”.

At this point it should be mentioned that the reset will reset the unit to the factory settings. This means that all settings should definitely only be carried out after the software update, otherwise the work will unfortunately have to be repeated.

Basic Settings
The most relevant thing is to note the corresponding number of speakers and their size in the device. Unfortunately, Dirac does not recognize this automatically. The device control is set to IP. Again, we refer to Lexicon devices. However, at least the Arcam AVR 550 has the same menu.

Dirac Live
As with the software update of the corresponding model, Dirac Live on the laptop/computer always has to be up to date; so visit If you haven’t done so yet, you create a user account here.

Create your default settings for the program here: The Master Volume will be turned down, and also the sensitivity of the microphone should be on the lower end. Then the volume of the individual channels should be adjusted until all bars appear green.

Then the microphone is clamped vertically into the corresponding stand at ear level. Please pay attention to the exact positioning. Even more important is not to move the microphone afterwards!

By the way, we recommended buying a higher quality microphone than the one included. But calibrating the included microphone is, of course, possible. To do so, download the appropriate calibration file, which is calibrated to the type of microphone. If you adhere to this, the result will be even better, however, it won’t suddenly get worse if you choose not to. So this is more of a hint than an obligation.

Common Error Sources
From our experience, there are two decisive sources of error when setting Dirac Live: If the device is not recognized by Dirac Live, you should first check whether the control has been set to IP. And then, if the loudspeaker level is set too high, an overmodulation (keyword clipping) may occur.

Finishing Up
Dirac Live is a truly advanced program that aims to reproduce the sounds as they were originally intended – without compromising on the interplay of speakers, positioning and space. However, it is completely normal that difficulties can arise in this process. If you need help with calibration, we are there for you with open ears. You can reach us at 030 253 753 0.

For an insight into further possibilities of Dirac Live, check-out our German-language video with AV-Consultant Raphael Vogt.

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