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JBL Latest News: Turntables, Streamers, Amplifiers

New start of JBL in the audio sector: After the good experience of recent years, the manufacturer comes to the market with new products. Of course, they have the usual vintage look and state-of-the-art technology. At the CES 2023 in Las Vegas, they are just presented. They are the 4329P, a studio monitor speaker, the SA550 Classic integrated amplifier, the MP350 Classic streaming media player, the CD350 Classic CD player, and the TT350 Classic turntable, as well as the SPINNER BT Bluetooth-enabled turntable.

HiFi & Friends Expo 2022 Video: Cabasse Speakers On Show!

For all those who could not be there in person, every year, we still like to give you a taste of the event, so here's a look back on the HiFi & Friends Expo 2022. The theme was active speakers and wireless. Look forward now to the round models the Pelegrina, Akoya, and The Pearl. Introducing the Cabasse speakers is Stefan Harms, with a welcome from our very own Robert Schlundt. Please note that the video is in German. Enjoy!

JBL’s 4305P Active Monitors Flying Off Our Shelves

Not long ago, we introduced JBL's new 4305P active monitor in a post. We wanted to give you an impression in time for the big arrival in our retail store. But giving you the chance to see these in our showrooms with your own eyes (and hear with your own ears, of course!) this is turning out to be more difficult than we thought! These speakers have been heading out our door in the arms of happy new owners faster than we can re-stock them. Pre-ordering is truly the only way to avoid missing out!

JBL’s New L75ms Soundsystem

Once again, JBL brings the retro feeling into our living rooms: From the traditional manufacturer now comes the new music system L75ms. This complete system offers an excellent opportunity to listen to your own music collection in the best acoustics. We've already received the model, so we would like to invite you to try it out. Here's an overview.

JBL’s L100 Classic 75th Anniversary & SA750

Finally, the time has come — the first models of the L100 Classic 75th Anniversary speakers from JBL have arrived at our store and are ready for delivery. However, we only have a limited contingent. So if you are interested in these high-quality speakers, we recommend not leaving the decision any longer. In addition, the SA750 integrated amplifier is finally coming to us in August. We are looking forward to these models. We would be happy to welcome you to our retail store to demonstrate the JBL equipment.