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Meze AUDIO 109 PRO With Furukawa Cable Upgrade

The goal of Meze's first dynamic open headphones is to convey pure emotion. Once placed on the head, the listeners are intended to become inconspicuous and give you nothing but the joy of music. And to do so permanently and sustainably. Designed with timelessness, the 109 PRO is meant to outlast short-lived industry trends and create exceptional listening experiences for years to come. To deliver on this promise, the Romanian company has come up with a number of exciting solutions. One of them is the hand-braided Furukawa cable, which ensures the best possible signal transmission and which we offer you in two sets.

Video: Marantz’s AV 10 & AMP 10 — A Home Cinema Duo

For all of those who couldn't attend in person to see the new AV preamplifier and power amplifier combination AV 10 and AMP 10 from Marantz: We've put together a peek at this exciting Home Cinema duo that is part of the current Marantz Cinema Series. Played in combination with is the 802 D4 from Bowers & Wilkins used with their Center HTM71 S3 of the new 700 Series 3 and the center of the Diamond 800 Series introduced by industry expert Roland Krüger with a welcome from our very own Robert Schlundt. Enjoy! 

A Warranty Or A Guarantee? What To Keep In Mind

Now and then, a product has a defect or doesn't function as it should. We've all experienced that disappointment. But what can be done? Does it fall under a guarantee, or is the warranty applicable? What's the difference between the two? As merchants, this topic comes up often as serving our customers fairly is paramount to us.

Video: Cleaning Your Vinyl With Smart Matrix

In our latest YouTube video, we look at how to take your pleasure from your vinyl collection to the next level.  Using the new Clearaudio's Smart Matrix SILENT record washing machine, Robert not only shows how to lengthen the lifespan of your black beauties but also how significantly increase their sound quality. Hope you enjoy the video!

How Do We Actually Listen To Music? The Development Of music Reproduction From Its Beginning Until Today

Music has accompanied humankind since the beginning of time. But there was a long way between the first drummed rhythm, the introduction of universal musical notation, and the first sound recording in 1860 by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville's phonautograph. On this path, technology and music have always been closely intertwined and are still impossible to separate today. How has the way we consume music changed over the centuries until today?

The Most Important Dirac Live Know-Hows

Difficulties can arise time and again with tuning the Dirac Live. To prevent this, we briefly summarize the essentials so you can enjoy your music to the fullest. We sum up the most elevant settings, and common sources of error. It's just an overview from us, as the program includes further details than we don't cover in our explainer.