A New Type Of Television: Samsung’s The Sero

It's not often that the word 'vertical' is used to describe television sets. But Samsung is turning that assumption around this year. The Sero is a TV model that is entirely new in its kind: The 9:16 TV can optionally rotate the picture, making it the perfect gaming partner for apps such as Instagram or Facebook.

The Sero is a TV from the lifestyle series of Samsung, which is known for its unusual design. But the Sero surpasses its siblings The Frame and Serif-TV in one crucial point: with this TV, content can be viewed in portrait format. But what exactly does this mean?

For young people, in particular, TV is no longer necessarily a part of everyday life by the smartphone screen. Samsung has recognised this and wants to bring both worlds together by using the TV as a phone.

Samsung The Sero: Immer volles Bild - egal ob Hoch- oder Querformat

The Sero comes with a TV unit that can be controlled via Android at the touch of a button and changes the orientation of the screen – it is rotated 90 degrees from landscape format (for example for series and movies) to portrait format (for example for mobile content and apps). Thus, this TV can rotate between horizontal and vertical orientation like a smartphone and play the content with flexible display orientation. This works by mirroring the mobile phone screen to the TV screen, the so-called screen mirroring. Another practical feature is that the stand has castors with which the TV can be easily moved to another room.

When the TV is not in use, it can be turned into a painting, clock or the like with the help of various portrait modes. The popular Ambient Mode is also available, which means that the wallpaper can always be set to match the atmosphere in the room.

Technical Details

The Sero has a screen diagonal of 43 inches (109 cm). It is, of course, based on QLED technology, which has been known from Samsung for a long time. This means that natural colours are reproduced.

The aforementioned stand, which is Navy Blue in colour, by the way, has four integrated speakers and a subwoofer, which means that the sound performance is also at a particularly high level. The 4.1 sound even has Dolby Digital Plus. 

The sound is also enhanced by the Active Voice Amplifier, a function that automatically increases the volume of the voices in film scenes when the surroundings of the room become louder. It also adjusts the brightness of the screen to the surroundings; this function is called Adaptive Picture.

The icing on the cake is the control via Bixby, Samsung’s own language assistant and Amazon Alexa. But Apple users will also get their money’s worth, as the TV also has AirPlay2, which means that content from the iPhone, iPad and Mac can also be transferred to the device.


Videos that are played in portrait format are especially handy when you are on the move, as this is the standard orientation of smartphones. With the Sero, Samsung is now bringing this concept into the living room for the first time.

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