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Video: LG’s G29 & C28 TVs — What Are The Differences?

Lately, we keep being asked: Which TV from LG is really the best: the G29 models, or the C28 models? Your personal needs are, of course, the most significant factor here, but beyond that, here's a breakdown of the differences you should consider when it comes to deciding on a purchase. Currently, we've got these models in stock from the G29 models: The 55-inch and 65-inch as well as the 77-inch, or, from the C28 models, we have the 48-inch and 65-inch in our online store. Check out our recent deep-dive post on the C28... and enjoy this video!

Top Notch Television: LG’s CX9-OLED

With a massive 77 inches, or 195 cm screen diagonal, the CX9 TV brings images to life in your living room. But with these dimensions, everything has to fit - and here LG once again shows itself from its best side. The OLED brings what it promises. We are thrilled!

Let Panasonic’s New H-Series OLED TVs Blow You Away

Get ready: Panasonic has very much hit the top-of-the-range set with its new H-series OLED TVs. Once again we can see why the manufacturer's TVs are so popular. The new HZW1004 models are carving their reputation first and foremost with their screen excellence; however, there are more features and subtitles to enjoy in the range.   

KD-65ZD9 – the new LED 4K HDR television from Sony

ZD9 is the name of the new high-end TV series from Sony. The 4K HDR TV promises stunning picture quality thanks to X1 Extreme Image Processor and Backlight Master Drive Technology. With the series, the electronics group has succeeded in reaching the top of the highest level.