Top Notch Television: LG’s CX9-OLED

With a massive 77 inches, or 195 cm screen diagonal, the CX9 TV brings images to life in your living room. But with these dimensions, everything has to fit - and here LG once again shows itself from its best side. The OLED brings what it promises. We are thrilled!

The CX9 is the successor to the C9, which was already very popular. The CX9 is so flat that, despite its considerable size of 77 inches, it blends discreetly into the home. This is also relevant for the seat spacing, which you certainly have to take into account with such a large model. But the great thing is that the TV delivers an excellent picture even at a distance of 2 meters (which is considered the ideal distance). And this is interesting for a really broad target group: Those who like a home cinema with movies and series, love sports or like to play with consoles will find their new favourite TV with this OLED.

The main reason for this, of course, are the technical achievements that go along with this model. The key lies in the Alpha 9 Generation 3 AI processor and artificial intelligence, which produce an optimal picture and sound quality. Image content is analyzed (for example, faces and text on the screen are recognized) and then processed accordingly and enhanced to 4K quality. Thus, natural skin tones and text content are reproduced excellently. This goes hand in hand with the predefined genres for which the TV has been optimized: Film, sports, standard and animation. It goes without saying that enormous brightness and black levels are typical for OLEDs.

By the way, the common picture formats HDR10 Pro, HLG fortunately also the HDR format Dolby Vision IQ, the further development of Dolby Vision, are included. This is again supported by a 2.2 sound system. The artificial intelligence also comes into play at this point, as the sounds are also analyzed and processed. Here again, there are five categories: Music, movies, sports, drama and news. As a bonus, thanks to the sound optimization, there is a virtual 5.1 surround sound on top, which promises an intensive television experience.

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