LG’s QNED 919 PA: Mini LED Packs A Punch!

The new QNED 919 PA is an impressive TV from LG in many respects. But especially the state-of-the-art LG QNED Mini LED version makes it stand out on the market. We want to introduce the TV and its technology in this article.

LG Electronics’ innovative QNED Mini LED picture technology first appeared on the market in July 2021. The combination of mini LEDs with LG’s Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies should close the gap between classic LED TVs and premium OLED TVs.

As the name of the advanced light source technology suggests, mini LEDs are significantly smaller than the backlight in conventional LCD displays. In which way more of them can fit on the screen panel. Thanks to the QNED technology, they can also be controlled more precisely than classic LEDs and are above all dimmable. This in turn enables a contrast ratio that is up to ten times higher, according to LG, and thus an even higher level of detail and more accurate color reproduction than LCD TVs from other manufacturers. At this point, the difference to OLED devices becomes clear, where individual pixels are switched on and off, whereas they are only regulated in their light intensity in QNED. Even if the QNED Mini LED screens don’t quite reach the contrast value and color intensity of OLED screens, the LG QNED 919 PA is streets ahead of previous LCD TVs and can convince especially with its higher peak brightness, deep blacks with the reduced halo effect, and vivid colors. Thanks to the use of small crystals known as quantum dots integrated into the screen, the latter can be displayed even more intensively in conjunction with color filters with a nano cell structure and are still clearly visible from a wider angle. This comes into its own particularly well on the stunning 75-inch screen with 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels). Due to its sophisticated design, the QNED 919 PA is guaranteed to enhance any interior. The slim frame in the elegant housing is optimized for wall mounting and hangs flush to the wall in any size.

Another special feature of the QNED 919 PA is the 4th generation α7 AI processor with 4K, as used in all QNED Mini LED TVs. This groundbreaking chip uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and optimize both picture (AI Picture) and sound (AI Sound). The 120Hz refresh rate makes motion look smoother and more natural, which also makes the LG QNED 919 PA great for immersive gaming experiences when paired with the Game Optimizer.

Final Thoughts 
With the QNED 919 PA, LG presents an excellent TV, which, with the forward-looking QNED Mini LED technology, is a real alternative to the OLED TVs, which become significantly more expensive with increasing screen size. Especially in the 75-inch format, it offers an engaging cinema experience for your home.

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