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Twenty from Spectral in-store from May onwards

Every now and then we see it fit to remind you that our carefully selected HiFi, TV and home theatre components range also comes alongside considered accessories for a range of needs, such as housing your entertainment systems. The recently presented in Cologne and soon to arrive at our furniture range Twenty from Spectral supplies the perfect kick start to completing your electronic collections.

Samsung SUHD: Visit Us This Saturday March 21st

We've already outlined in a previous article the most significant innovations in Samsung's new SUHD televisions. Meanwhile, we're  receiving the first devices and more will follow in the coming days. We want to take an opportunity on Saturday the 21st of March, 2015 to cordially invite into our television showrooms, to give you further insight into the new models and the opportunity to experience them in a relaxed environment.

Samsung Televisions in 2015: SUHD & Tizen – An Overview

Less than two weeks ago, at the beginning of their 2015 roadshow Samsung introduced, among many other innovations, the hottest trend for the coming year. Two slogans dominated, and definitely raised a question of two: "SUHD" and "Tizen". As always, we've embarked on a mission for answers, so that we are more than prepared to serve up the most important facts to you.

Classic 5.1 Surround Sound Systems: B&W MT-50, KEF E305 and Monitor Audio Radius

This amplely-fitted AV receiver which boasts more than ten channels — not in the least the new 3D audio formats Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D and DTS: X — demonstrates the current possibilities whilst highlighting that there really isn't much serious competition, making them much more interesting for the average customer with a more conventional living or entertainment room. Provided a good system is in place, the classic 5:1 arrangement already has many exciting advances in store for us. Let it be known that this run down of three-speaker systems could very well convince you to investing in surround sound at home.

TechniSat TechniCorder ISIO STC Hardrive Set-Up and Installation

This video guide (German language) runs through the installation of a 2.5" Hardrive (SATA Revision 3.X or the SATA III) in the Technic TechniSat ISIO STC and the subsequent installation of the TechniSat main menu. We are of course able to provide you with technical support over this television or any other topic in English!

HDCP 2.2 – What You Need to Know About the Forthcoming 4K Data Security

Over the sense and senselessness of copyright protection devices can one really debate. The industry, as shown over the decades, has not tired of denouncing acts of theivery in regards to intellectual property nor has it tired of lamenting the imminent demise of an entire industry.  Many creative people feel as though they are encroached upon by such measures, patronised and placed under general suspicion. That this situation is not just here to stay but also the future -- a feeling which is shared by a coup of 100 existing industry that the Digital Protection Consortium. The HDCP 2.2 is designed to protect well into the future especially 4K material in terms of piracy. We have compiled all the important facts for you.

Panasonic’s New Premium Smart TVs: The 900 Series

With the transition from the current Full HD to the new Ultra HD or 4K standard, inevitably competition between television producers enters a new round. A good impression of the current state of affairs was this year's IFA show where the major focus was on changing generation of video-technochology  and for many that was of the exhibiting companies offered a welcome opportunity to present new devices. Panasonic takes this opportunity to put its competitors in their place with the three models TX-55AXW904, TX 65AXW904 and TX 85XW944 present a united front with a number of good arguments.

Schnepel Furniture at HiFi im Hinterhof

If you've ever dropped in, you'll know we emphasize the setting of the pieces we stock. It's not simply about the consumption of a piece of electronic equipment but the complete experience: our pre-advisory capacities, supplementary equipment and being there for on-going queries and concerns. We are delighted to have in-stock new furniture from brand Schepnel providing a range of dynamic home-installation options.