Schnepel Furniture at HiFi im Hinterhof

If you've ever dropped in, you'll know we emphasize the setting of the pieces we stock. It's not simply about the consumption of a piece of electronic equipment but the complete experience: our pre-advisory capacities, supplementary equipment and being there for on-going queries and concerns. We are delighted to have in-stock new furniture from brand Schepnel providing a range of dynamic home-installation options.

About Schnepel

The history company Schnepel begins in 1969, with a not entirely unusual tale of corporate success beginning a backyard. Typical of successful entrepreneurship, the idea was to start small with a vision of innovation tailored to the specific needs of the consumer, a product ethos which has not changed today. Continuity in principle, and the stable assurance that goes along with the design and production remaining local, for over 40 years in eastern Westphalia Hüllhorst.

In addition, the company family-owned, in its second generation and has continued the tradition established by its the three brothers who founded it.

Schnepel Möbel bei HiFi im Hinterhof

Our Schnepel range

We now have on offer a wide range of storage solutions to your TV and stereo electronics from the S1 and the X-series. Our range includes both “classic” TV cabinet as well as the so-called lowboards and of course HiFi Racks that convince with not only their appearance, but also with practical features such as a cable management system, integrated power strips or infared distributor for remote signals are provided. Worth mentioning are beyond the countless customization options, a special trademark of Schnepel. These range from different colours and finishes, the optional indirect lighting, through to technical features such as an integrated sound system or a flexible steerable column for your flatscreen. You can purchase in-store or online, we’re ready for you. For a quick overview of the available models you can get in our online store catalogue. We are happy to answer any further questions that you might have. You will also find a selection of items to view in our showrooms.

Schnepel HiFi-Rack

Schnepel HiFi-Rack in der Nahaufnahme

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