Samsung SUHD: Visit Us This Saturday March 21st

We've already outlined in a previous article the most significant innovations in Samsung's new SUHD televisions. Meanwhile, we're  receiving the first devices and more will follow in the coming days. We want to take an opportunity on Saturday the 21st of March, 2015 to cordially invite into our television showrooms, to give you further insight into the new models and the opportunity to experience them in a relaxed environment.

We will present you on this day of the 7 Series devices (JU7090, JU7590) and 9-series (JS9090, JS9590) in various sizes. The latter includes the current Flagship models which are equipped with said SUHD panels. Like the JU7590er series they have curved Curved displays, while the JU7090er models still offer the classic flat style. In all devices already working the newly developed by Samsung Tizen operating system.

For clarity, you can find below all at once we have listed 2015er Samsung models.

We look forward to your visit!
The HiFi im Hinterhof Team

Samsung TVs 2015:

Series 7

Samsung UE40JU7090 – 40 Zoll / Flat
Samsung UE48JU7090 – 48 Zoll / Flat
Samsung UE55JU7090 – 55 Zoll / Flat
Samsung UE65JU7090 – 65 Zoll / Flat
Samsung UE75JU7090 – 75 Zoll / Flat

Samsung UE48JU7590 – 48 Zoll / Curved
Samsung UE55JU7590 – 55 Zoll / Curved
Samsung UE65JU7590 – 65 Zoll / Curved
Samsung UE78JU7590 – 78 Zoll / Curved

Serie 8

Samsung UE48JS8590 – 48 Zoll / Curved / SUHD
Samsung UE55JS8590 – 55 Zoll / Curved / SUHD
Samsung UE65JS8590 – 65 Zoll / Curved / SUHD

Serie 9

Samsung UE48JS9090 – 48 Zoll / Curved / SUHD
Samsung UE55JS9090 – 55 Zoll / Curved / SUHD
Samsung UE65JS9090 – 65 Zoll / Curved / SUHD

Samsung UE65JS9590 – 65 Zoll / Curved / SUHD
Samsung UE78JS9590 – 78 Zoll / Curved / SUHD

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