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Spectral Ameno now on show: more than just TV and Hi-Fi furniture

Whether in the living room, home theatre or in your own music room, again and again one is faced with the challenge of integrating technology into a room. And always the answer seems to be found quickly: appropriate furniture is needed. It should be fit for purpose, but also stand for themselves, make the room look good. Once they are designed to put the carefully curated stereo in the right light or frame the big new TV fit, other times should be best seen as little, messy cables and sockets certainly not. They should be processed valent, a trusty companion for many years, but also flexible, because tastes change and TVs are changing before our eyes. There is a whole catalog of claims, that can be very different tomorrow. And then? You end up finally with Ameno.

Oppo BDP-105D player

The Oppo BDP-105D (Darbee Edition) completes the range of Blu-ray players offered by this high-end producer of technology. But this name is the device only a partial review. Strictly speaking, there is a Blu-ray/DVD/SACD-Universalplayer with audio/video streamer and D/A converters plus 2D/3D-Video-Prozessor/Scaler. The word is often flagship endeavor in such situations. German and international test magazines such as STEREO and Audiovision gave the 105EU in their highest praises.