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Welcome to Hifi im Hinterhof – An Video Introduction

For all those who are yet to be acquainted with us or have never visited us in person, there is now an "About Us" video, at the moment still only in German. Perhaps you can get to know us and our specialties a little better. We are always very pleased to welcome you at a our retail store in Berlin-Kreuzberg!

LG TV 2016 – An Overview

Having recently inspected the Sony Roadshow last week, we continued this week with the presentation of LG Electronics. Of course, we have taken the opportunity in advance to take a look at the upcoming generation and we would like to summarize at this point our impressions.

Introducing the Yamaha YSP-5600 Soundbar

A new video from Stefan, part of our TV team, discussing the Yamaha Sound Projector YSP-5600, including Dolby Atmos (and future DTS: X) and the key features of lavish high-end sound bar. Attention: the video is only available in the German!

Sony TV 2016 – An Overview

Traditionally, the largest TV manufacturers introduce their innovations in the first quater of the year. In addition to the CES in Las Vegas there are also the so-called roadshows which are an integral part of the annual procession,  the professional audience is given the possibility of inspecting new products in alongside a discussion with the manufacturers. For us it was this year was the first to present the Japanese giants Sony and we want to summarize our impressions in a nutshell.

Clearence Sale 2016

Our first stop on the To-Do List for 2016 is an exciting range of various deals with devices from our show rooms, discontinued models and special individual pieces. We are not going to hold out on you any longer - here we have complied a special page in our online shop with all of the sale articles. Please note: All offers are only valid while stocks last. Enjoy browsing!

TV Furniture New Additions at the IMM Cologne

On until the end of this week the latest trends on the topics of living and furnishing are presented in Cologne at the international furniture fair, IMM Cologne. Since for some time we've also offered special furniture solutions alongside our electronics, this was of course a must for us and we would like to take this opportunity to introduce several new products from the manufacturers Maja, Schnepel and Spectral.

Consumer Electronics: 2015 in Retrospect, 2016 a Preview.

We want to make the last  item before Christmas and the New Year a small review of the technical development that took place in 2015 as well as an outlook for the year 2016. Many aspects that have taken up space in the past twelve months reporting on will be discussions that will probably continue to occupy us for a while yet. Now is a good chance to query the current state of affairs.

Cambridge CXU – More Than A Blu-ray Player

With the introduction of the Hi-Fi Segment of the CX series this Spring and the subsequent expansion of the product line to the two AV receivers CXR 120 and CXR 200 in Autumn, Cambridge Audio has already succeeded twice this year with the latest technology and remarkable sound qualities which pour into positive product concepts. In this spirit, now presented is the third and, for the time being, last match of the series, officially declared as a Blu-ray player with a "U" for "universal" in the name of Cambridge CXU suggests that there is still much more to discover.