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Sound Explosion: Canton’s New Soundbars

Canton is a manufacturer with a rich tradition that we included in our range of products together with a trusted company. And with good reason! Recently, the Hessians launched a completely new model series on the market that we are most excited by!

The LG 75NANO Television: Anything But Small!

One could be misled by the name of LG's new television — with its remarkable 75-inch screen diagonal of 190 cm — the 75NANO999 NA! The 'Nano' comes from LG's display technology, NanoCell, that ensures brilliant colours. Read on for our look at what features this 8K TV has to offer.

Incredibly Enticing: The Revox STUDIOART S100 Soundbar

The iconic Swiss manufacturer is back in action! We are smitten to be able to welcome a Soundbar from Revox to our range. The STUDIOART Series comprises of an impressive sound system that brings the studio sound to your own four walls. The S100 Soundbar is a peice of essential equipment that can be expanded with the STUDIOART B100 subwoofer and the active and passive STUDIOART A100 and P100 speakers.

Latest Video: Samsung’s Designer Sero TV

The design series from Samsung has been booted robustly: The Sero is not only a design television, but it also specialises in mobile applications. Pairing smartphone and smart TV is easier than ever with this model, as it adapts to the phone's screen. In concrete terms, this means that the TV turns with you to display applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, etc., which traditionally work in portrait mode. What else the television brings with it, we explain in our video. Have fun!

Let Panasonic’s New H-Series OLED TVs Blow You Away

Get ready: Panasonic has very much hit the top-of-the-range set with its new H-series OLED TVs. Once again we can see why the manufacturer's TVs are so popular. The new HZW1004 models are carving their reputation first and foremost with their screen excellence; however, there are more features and subtitles to enjoy in the range.   

Our Latest Video: The New Q800 8K Television From Samsung

In our latest video, Peer introduces the Q800T from Samsung. The smaller model (shown in the video) is 75 inches, but the 82-inch model is also still available. What they pack-in for their sizes is truly incredible! But we expect nothing less from an 8K model the difference must be visible! We hope you can enjoy it (in German)!

A New Type Of Television: Samsung’s The Sero

It's not often that the word 'vertical' is used to describe television sets. But Samsung is turning that assumption around this year. The Sero is a TV model that is entirely new in its kind: The 9:16 TV can optionally rotate the picture, making it the perfect gaming partner for apps such as Instagram or Facebook.