Sony Bravia A1: The First OLED Televisions From Sony

This year Sony is venturing into new territory in several aspects with its two new television models, the KD-55A1 and KD-65A1. These two are the first fully-fledged OLED televisions from Sony although the brand had released a compact 11″ format in 2009 however since then the design and sound concepts have seen a lot of experimentation. So let’s clarify whether the results of these experiments can be seen (and heard).

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Two In One: The Playbase from Sonos for Music and Television

Unobtrusive design and great sound: While this TV is switched on you can enjoy the usual shows, games and movies as well as being able to enjoy your favourite music and audio books while the device is switched-off. Sonos has further developed the Playbar and the result of this the Playbase, which stylishly completes the home cinema.

Die Playbase passt sich dem Raum an

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Samsung QLED TVs 2017 – Now Available

After a more detailed preview of the latest Samsung QLED TV series Q9F, Q8C, Q7C and Q7F, the first sets have now arrived and can be viewed and compared in our demonstration studio. As usual, we have also made some impressions with the camera.


Preview: Samsung QLED TV: Q9F, Q8C, Q7C and Q7F

Every year, the big TV manufacturers presenting their new model series in Spring. This is of course also true for the industry mainstay Samsung, which this time the has entries in so-called QLED displays in the race for the best picture sends. After we visited the roadshow in Cologne this week, we now have a small preview of the special features of the new top models Q9F, Q8C, Q7C and Q7F.

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The Switch To Digital Terrestrial TV DVB-T2 HD

Digital terrestrial television will soon be able to be enjoyed in HD quality! In order to expand the mobile broadband internet, the broadcasting frequencies used for DVB-T transmission are beingt re-tuned, which means there is to be an update to the digital antenna television. Together with the increasing desire for television with HD content, the effort to reduce transmission frequencies so far is now showing its benefits. In many regions of Germany, as of 29 March 2017 the DVB-T will be replaced by its successor DVB-T2 HD. Let’s examine the new standard and what to look out for…

Hierbei handelt es sich um die Antenne 17215 von Oehlbach

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