Samsung S93C & S95C: The QD HDR OLEDTVs Available To Order!

Samsung's innovative Quantum Dot HDR technology ensures a picture-perfect TV evening. The South Korean company now uses the technical know-how from the previous QLED technology for its 2023 TV generation. We have the S93C and S95C models in different sizes and explain how Samsung's TVs work and what spice the latest devices have for your viewing experience.

Particularly brilliant while eye-friendly

Samsung has developed a very efficient pixel structure that enables a high color space in combination with Quantum Dot technology. We already reported about this in the article QD-OLED: Samsung’s new technology.

But the new TVs go one better:

The latest generation 2023

Samsung Quantum HDR OLED TVs offer an even richer viewing experience with deep blacks and vivid colors thanks to the combination of OLEDs and Quantum Dots. The Neural Quantum Processor 4K and innovative technologies ensure a lifelike display of brightness, color, contrast, and details. The LaserSlim design is particularly delicate and fits seamlessly into any room. With a 144 Hz refresh rate, the device offers a fascinating gaming experience in 4K quality. Other features include the PANTONE-certified color display, Real Depth Enhancer, and EyeComfort mode for ease on the eyes.

The highlights at a glance

Quantum HDR OLED offers impressive brightness and contrast range. The Neural Quantum Processor 4K analyzes the scene and increases brightness to enable high brightness and contrast. Small details can be clearly seen.

Neural Quantum Processor 4K delivers an immersive viewing experience with AI and 20 neural networks. Powerful 4K AI Upscaling technology lets you feel the full 4K power with any type of content. Perception-based color mapping and OLED brightness booster ensure a lifelike display.

The display in 4K quality with up to 144 Hz offers a fascinating gaming experience with equally sharp and smooth images and great speed.

Samsung TVs are the only ones that can deliver the PANTONE color experience. The epitome of color fidelity allows accurate display of up to 2,030 Pantone colors and 110 added skin tones.

Real Depth Enhancer: Image depth adjustment can mimic the perception of the human eye by increasing the contrast in the foreground of the image.

EyeComfort mode automatically adjusts brightness and color saturation as darkness sets in to protect the eyes. The technology also considers sunrise and sunset times and adjusts the image according to the lighting mood.

The LaserSlim design combines nearly invisible frames with a thin profile and flat back. Combined with the Slim Fit wall mount, the design blends seamlessly into any space.

In summary, Samsung Quantum HDR OLED TVs offer a combination of cutting-edge technology, impressive design, and a fascinating viewing experience.


We are pleased to announce that Samsung Quantum HDR OLED TVs are expected to be available from us in April 2023. We recommend that you pre-order early to ensure that you receive one of these fascinating devices as soon as possible. If you have any further questions or are interested in more information, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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