Loewe’s Iconic OLED TV in 55 & 65″ All-In-One

Sculptural, modern art for your living room! Join us in looking forward to the TV models of the new Loewe Iconic series. With these designed TVs, the manufacturer combines its outstanding TV sets with a unique look - in the ideally coordinated color Graphite Grey. A real treasure! But what's behind it? Read on.

First, let’s take a look at the Iconic from the outside. The TV audio solution is a self-contained system designed to appeal to your senses. The foundation of this TV is a solution made of Syno-Stone material. This is a stone-like, solid mineral material that promises durability and is exceptionally hygienic thanks to its non-porous surface. This material is known for countertops in kitchens. Robustness is thus guaranteed! In turn, the TV and the soundbar merge visually into an overall structure in the casing. The soundbar is located behind a fabric panel. On the sound level, the stone case should be your ideal partner.

The soundbar consists of three speakers (left, center, and right) that radiate to the front and two subwoofers. Of course, the system can be expanded to 5.1. For example, pair two front and rear speakers and a subwoofer. The left and right drivers turn into center speakers when you pair front speakers. You can also pair older active speakers via AVR adapters. By the way, the soundbar delivers 320 watts of power. You can look forward to Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, multi-room via Play-Fi and much more.

You can choose from two variants — the Iconic i. in 55 inches and 65 inches, and the Iconic v. 55 inches and 65 inches. But what is the difference between the two options? Both variants have in common their ultra-high-resolution 4K OLED display calibrated at the factory. They support HLG, HDR10, and Dolby Vision.

The Iconic v. allows you to record broadcasts directly without the need for an external USB hard drive. The model has an integrated hard drive with one terabyte of storage capacity. You can also record two programs at the same time or watch one program and record a second one at the same time. Furthermore, it’s possible to pause a show and simply rejoin it at a later time. The bonus is the Mimi Sound Personalization. With this, the sound can be adjusted to the individual hearing sensation. The SL5 motherboard was installed in the Iconic v., which is already known from the bild v. This means that the streaming options are somewhat limited, but Loewe includes a Fire TV stick, which is the solution for this. That has proven itself so far.

Those who like Video on Demand and can do without the dual reception parts will again appreciate the Iconic i. This is a Smart TV that allows you to navigate to your desired providers directly via the menu. The TV is based on the SL7 platform, which supports Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and soon Apple TV+. The model is also equipped with an integrated hard drive as standard, so you can also conveniently record programs here.

Der neue Design-Fernseher Iconic von Loewe

Visually, the Loewe Iconic is a real eye-catcher. Beyond that, of course, the design of TV leaves nothing to be desired in terms of a relaxing TV evening. See for yourself in our TV studios in Berlin Kreuzberg!

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