Sound True: The No. 5805 From Mark Levinson

With the No. 5805, US manufacturer Mark Levinson proves once again that the use of first-class materials results in an exceptionally high-quality sound. Powerful sound and ultra deep bass are guaranteed with this integrated amplifier. Coupled with the most modern functions, this model is a first-class playing partner.

First of all, one thing is clear: like its predecessors, the No. 5805 comes in the iconic design that Mark Levinson has been known for so long: black, robust, simple housing and the incomparable red DOT matrix display. The embossed ventilation slots on the top and the curved profile of both knobs are recognizable everywhere.

The stereo amplifier is part of the 5000 series by Mark Levinson, but as the flagship it has of course some special advantages. The 5805 is optimized for HiRes and DSD sources, has a streaming function and also analog inputs, more precisely an entire analog input section. This allows support for a phono preamplifier (MM on the one hand and MC on the other). Speaking of inputs and outputs, the model has three stereo line level inputs (one balanced XLR line input and two single-ended inputs). There is also an asynchronous USB-B port, a coaxial RCA input and two optical Toslink sockets. The amplifier also has an Ethernet port, but this is only used to update the software and control. The No. 5805 proves itself on a digital level with its integrated Bluetooth receiver, which is aptX HD capable.

Das Anschlussfeld des Mark Levinson No. 5805

The high-end integrated amplifier contains a class A/B power amplifier, which is driven by a toroidal transformer with individual secondary windings for the left and right channel. Also worth mentioning are the D/A converter with jitter suppression and a fully balanced current-voltage converter.

Incidentally, the top model is operated via a remote control made of satin-finished aluminium. This rounds off the work of art completely. However, it is also possible to connect the No. 5805 to your home router via RJ45 cable so that it can be operated via the web browser.

Mark Levinson – who would have expected otherwise – has once again outdone himself with the No. 5805: The integrated amplifier combines precise workmanship with powerful, high-resolution sound. Everything you would expect from an integrated amplifier of the highest quality.

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