Flagship PreAmp: Our Lexicon MC-10 Exclusive

In the past weeks, we've taken a closer look at the high-quality Lexicon models several times and are pleased that another top device has now found its way into our range: The Lexicon high-end MC-10 preamplifier promises three-dimensional sound and the best conditions for your film highlights.

The MC-10 is a preamplifier that would enrich any home cinema. Like the other models of the manufacturer, we can already say that on the optical level the focus has been concentrated on the essentials: The processor has a simple front with a display, a large volume dial and a few buttons. There is also a headphone and aux jack (3.5 mm) on the front, which ensures the greatest possible comfort.
Of course, the MC-10 has been designed so that it can not only play in the best league at the moment. Its audio and video qualities are designed to be able to handle future technologies. It already has seven HDMI inputs and three HDMI outputs, 4K Ultra HD-HDMI 2.0a with HDCP 2.2 (main zone) and 3D video capability. Furthermore, compatibility with Dolby Vision is guaranteed.

Die R├╝ckseite des Lexicon MC-10

Typical for modern home cinema components, the MC-10 also features Dirac Live measurement technology. (Must be obtained via an update if necessary.) And Harman’s own Logic 7 immersion technology is also part of the preamplifier. With these two features, a masterful sound that goes a long way is ensured: Spotify Connect, Zone 2 with audio, 4K video, IR control, triggering, and 7.2.4 balanced XLR and RCA outputs make the MC-10 a flexible gaming partner. Even a subwoofer can be combined thanks to independent volume control.
Finally, it should be mentioned that the controls are very flexible. With the Lexicon Control App, the device can be fully controlled via Android or iOS. Thus, Lexicon MC-10 is a talented device that maximizes the pleasure of home cinema and listening to music.

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