Sennheiser’s SoundProtex Ear Plugs

This year's festival season has begun. And the one thing you might not necessarily think about is hearing protection. However, it is not only important at concerts but also on construction sites, at home, in the office, and everywhere else where you want to protect your hearing. However, normal sound should not have to be sacrificed in the process. Sennheiser has addressed this issue and created alternatives with the two models SoundProtex and SoundProtex Plus, which take care of your hearing and still let you enjoy a conversation and music.

You probably know this: when using conventional earplugs, everything sounds distorted, distorted muffled. Simply awful. This is often the reason why people decide against wearing hearing protection. But neither should your hearing suffer, nor your enjoyment of music. That’s exactly why Sennheiser has developed the new SoundProtex plugs. With those, you can enjoy high-fidelity sound and protect your hearing at the same time. Or renovate your house without suffering a hearing loss. Or sleep in a shared room.

The filters of the multi-purpose plugs were developed together with Dynamic Ear Company (DEC). These are absolute experts in the field of filter technology. The volume is reduced evenly over the entire frequency range. This creates a balance on the acoustic level. In addition, biocompatible medical-grade TPE is used for the models. Only the best for your ears!

For comfortable fit standard variant SoundProtex comes in three sizes. They have a mid-filter, which reduces noise over the entire frequency range and also the full block function. In addition, the ears are kept dry even when swimming.

Die Sennheiser SoundProtex Ohrstöpfel verfügen über zwei Filter

The SoundProtex Plus variant, in turn, has a total of three filter functions: High is for loud concerts and working with power tools, Mid is perfect for festivals and travel, and Low is what you use for focused work in noisy public spaces, for example. Here, too, there is the variant of Full-Block, which is useful for relaxation and sleep.
Mit insgesamt vier Filtern kommt der Sennheiser SoundProtex Plus

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