Roksan’s Attessa Firmware Update

The firmware update 3.3.2 for the Roksan Attessa amplifiers is here: In this update, the main focus was placed on the communication of the amplifiers (integrated as well as streaming amplifiers). This applies to the MaestroUnite app as well as to WLAN and the Attessa CDT.  Want to learn more?

These are the main points of the update:

  • Integration of Attessa CD Transport into the overall system improved
  • Continuous synchronization of the options menu between MaestroUnite and Attessa
  • Improve BLE connectivity (important for communication between the amplifier and MaestroUnite app on smartphone/tablet).
  • Problem fixed when playing music via Bluetooth

The firmware update is done in a few steps. Simply proceed as follows:

  1. Connect the amplifier (Integrated or Streaming Amplifier) to the WLAN via the MaestroUnite app.
  2. Press and hold the standby button on the device until the LED changes from orange to blue. Then release the key.
  3. The display shows “OTA update,” shortly after that, “Connecting,” and then “Connected and the update is performed.
  4. After the update, the amplifier restarts and is ready for use again.

Click here for the update.

And our post on the Roksan series.


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