JBL’s Classic Editions: Upgraded At A Brilliant Price!

On our recent trip to the annual High-End event in Munich, we enjoyed listening to the latest releases from JBL. Specifically, it is a new edition or revised version of the Classic series. It is acoustically modernized and brought to a better state. The models get new crossovers, a bi-wiring terminal, and new drivers. For this reason, our current stock of the models L52 Classic, L82 Classic, and L100 Classic will be slightly cheaper.

By the way, the Classic Black Edition of the popular JBL series should also be mentioned. The models L100 Classic Black, L82 Classic Black, and L52 Classic Black correspond sonically to the new variants except for the bi-wiring terminal. Thus, they are a fantastic foretaste of what lies ahead and a timeless variant for all who like the simpler side of things. The Black Edition is only available at selected retailers, and we are lucky to carry the models. If you want to get an impression yourself, feel free to stop by!

Die JBL Classic L82 in der Black Edition

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