Denon’s Trade-Up Weeks

Improving on already great sounds has never been easier with Denon Trade-Up Weeks until June 30, 2023. Denon's AV receivers incorporate innovative high-performance technologies and proven expertise. When purchasing a selected device, Denon owners can receive an upgrade bonus of €3,900 on their existing wares. To find out the requirements for the Denon AV receiver Trade-Up deal, click here.

The device for trading in must be included in this selection and meet the criteria below:

  • In full working order
  • Its condition must be good enough for sale
  • The device should still be accompanied by its originally intended accessories *
  • Be delivered in suitable packaging
  • D&M Germany GmbH reserves the right to make monetary changes in the event of any discrepancies.

Additional Information:

  • The trade-up can be done across classes (e.g. AVRX4400HBKE2 for AVCA1HBKE2)
    It cannot be traded up to a smaller model (e.g. AVCX6500HBKE2 for AVCX3800HBKE2)
  • For each device exchanged, an associated  new device will be delivered to the dealer (z. B. AVCX6500HBKE2 für AVCX3800HBKE2)
  • A corresponding new device will be delivered to the seller for each device exchanged.

More questions? Get in touch. Just call us, use the contact form to email us, or visit our store in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

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