Our Digital Vinyl Set: PS Audio Sprout — Project RPM 1 Carbon — Dali Zensor for 1,499€

Anyone who has read our report on the PS Audio Sprout, the expected 1 Carbon and Dali known already occur censor 1 in combination with Pro-Ject RPM. The more incidental during our tests compilation has inspired us to a small but elegant set, that sounds great, is reduced to the bare essentials and simultaneously possesses enough flexibility to easily commute between analog and digital playback.

PS Audio Sprout

Since we have already skipped us on the Sprout elsewhere comprehensively, we make it short here: The phono stage works very clean, the Bluetooth module supports optional the aptX codec quality internal DAC (coaxial and USB input) processed resolutions up to 192kHz / 24-bit and the built-in headphone amplifier sees itself with a wide range of different headphones. As our testing has shown not only speak the technical facts for Sprout:

“With the equally simple and coherent overall concept and an amazingly good sound succeeds in Sprout from the crowd stand out and to present itself as a serious, modern amplifier for all analog and digital life. The manageable and meaningful at the same range of inputs and outputs supported this impression and makes the small all-in-one amplifier more flexible than you might think at first. (Assuming an external WLAN Bridge) of an exclusive wireless use via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi up to the more traditional use with turntables and CD players to the optical input, everything here is really conceivable …

Apart from all clearly identifiable qualities are furthermore also to one of these devices, which is capable of an inexplicable “Do want to” trigger feeling. “

PS Audio Sprout, Pro-Ject RPM 1 Carbon und Dali Zensor 1 von hinten

Pro-Ject RPM 1 Carbon

As a partner for analog playback, we provide the Sprout the Pro-Ject RPM 1 Carbon aside. Both devices combines the fact that their technical sophistication was extremely cleverly translated into a simple design and a simple operating concept. The often so typical rectangular case one is looking at the carbon in vain, instead reveals the see the bigger picture, only the mounting surface for the tone arm and a cutout for the engine. Properly placed in the middle, the latter is almost completely decoupled from the plate. Disturbing vibrations is effectively prevented. In addition, the built-in electronic speed control ensures a particularly uniform rotary motion of the proven inverse camp. The end of the low-resonance aluminum tonearm-carbon composite material sheet as standard a more than useful Ortofon 2M Red pickup which can be upgraded by alternative replacement needles again at a later date if necessary.

PS Audio Sprout, Pro-Ject RPM 1 Carbon und Dali Zensor 1 Nahaufnahme

Dali Zensor 1

About the Dali censor 1 one must not lose many words actually. The smallest compact speaker from the Danish manufacturer offer a remarkable priceperformance ratio and sound much more mature than hint at their small dimensions. The spatial representation is absolutely exemplary for this class speakers and the vote on the entire frequency spectrum very well. That in the bass range is eventually concluded, lies in the nature of things and is here only for completeness are mentioned. By installation close to walls or even suspension a corresponding device is integrated into the housing can be the bass frequencies, if necessary stress.

PS Audio Sprout, Pro-Ject RPM 1 Carbon und Dali Zensor 1 Nahaufnahme von hinten


Our small vinylDigital system is a real eyes and ears, extremely flexible and provides musical enjoyment at a high level. If in the future is even necessary, there is in addition a variety of starting points for a variety of small tuning measures in order to get a bit more out of our set.

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