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Our 40th Anniversary Winter Deals!

In 1979, when we founded our shop, we were operated out of a small room in the backyard of an apartment building in Berlin-Kreuzberg, not far from the border to East Berlin. Much has changed since then! And without you, we wouldn’t still be here today. We want to thank you for your loyalty with an extra special array of Winter Deals in our online shop from our HiFi, TV, Home Cinema, Streaming and Headphone departments. You can also check out the Winter Deal Catalogue PDF. Here’s to the next 40 years!

The Marantz ND8006: An All-Rounder On The Highest Level

Some time ago, Marantz introduced the ND8006 to the world. It is the first all-rounder network CD player from the Japanese company. An obligatory feature is of course the CD playback and streaming from network and Internet - of course in high resolution. Since the all-rounder has some other highlights in its luggage, there is a brief overview and a few first impressions.

The Auralic Vega G2 – Streaming DAC with Distinction

Auralic has enjoyed an excellent reputation in the hi-fi world for years, both in streaming and in D/A conversion. With the new Vega G2, the team led by Xuanqian Wang and Yuan Wan now take it to a new level. What the elaborately designed streaming DAC has to offer, we clarify in our overview.

HiFi From A Different Angle – The JBL 4367 Just In At HiFi im Hinterhof

Die JBL 4367 in der HiFi im Hinterhof Vorführung
Many manufacturers are afraid to miss the right sound of their loudspeaker developments, but also optically do a lot: unusual shapes, fine wood grain, perfectly painted surfaces, invisible screw connections. The JBL 4367, with its laconic shoulders, wins the beauty contest and convinces those with the classic PA speaker design with a mercilessly good performance.

Record Players and Cleaning

Right about now is the pefect time for some Spring cleaning! So why not get onto doing something good for your vinyl collection and record player this year? In our German-language video, Jochen shows us a record cleaning machine in action and reveals just how often you should be cleaning. More detailed information is available here.

Digital Music: How Does It Work? Conversion After the DSD Mode

After already digging deep in the previous article with the PCM method (Pulse Code Modulation) and having quite meticulously worked through some fundamental aspects of digitisation, let's get to the much-discussed alternative DSD (Direct Stream Digital). The focus again will be mainly on the technical implementation and the resulting consequences for our digital signal. In discussing the pros and cons of one or the other format, we're here to inform – ultimately the decision is yours

Digital Music: How It Works

As part of our series on The Source of Good Music we've already touched several fields of "Digital Music". We've compared different storage formats for music information presented and compared, it fell to assess the quality of these data mainly two concepts again and again: sample rate and word length. But what exactly do they actually mean? And what happens in the translation of analog signals in the digital world? Even at the risk of literally go here in a bottomless pit, we will try to provide some basic answers, focusing on the widespread PCM method (Pulse Code Modulation).