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Latest Headphone News At HiFi im Hinterhof

In September, we had some news about our Headphone Range. In the meantime, we got the Empyrean Elite from Meze as well as the new Liric. The demonstration model is already warming up. Also new to the lineup are Stax's SR-X9000 open-back, electrostatic headphones, and the HE-R10D from HiFiMAN, which are a dynamic, closed-back pair. The last in the bunch is the LCD-5 from Audeze and the Stealth from Dan Clark Audio. This completes our high-end headphone lineup. For support (except for the Stax model), Niimbus has provided the US 5 or US 5 Pro. See for yourself by visiting our Headphone Studio

Video: JVC XP-EXT1 Exofield’s Home Cinema For The Ears

In October, we wrote a blog post to introduce the new JVC XP-EXT1 Exofield. This is a multi-channel headphone that brings Dolby Atmos and DTS:X to your ears. But the surround headphones have also raised questions about their functionality and sound. For this reason, we recently shot a video to give an introduction to the model. As for the sound, that's something you have to see for yourself. We invite you to visit our Headphones Studio.

Bundle: The Sennheiser HD 820 + Astell & Kern AK KANN Alpha

We want to point out an extraordinary bundle: The sensational HD 820 from Sennheiser is now combined with the AK KANN Alpha from Astell & Kern — and promises outstanding sound impressions. As a bonus, you can also get the German-language "75 Jahre Sennheiser" (75 Years of Sennheiser) book free of charge. Please note that this book is not included in the standard delivery. Please write "Buch" in the comment field of your order. It is available while stocks last.

Focal Offer: Get 800 Euros Off An Arche Amp

The Arche headphone amplifier will lift your sound experience. And with FOCAL headphones, we're wrapped to present a new offer: With the purchase of the Arche headphone amplifier from Focal, you can save a sweet 800 €.