Just In: The Focal Clear Mg Headphones

Focal is launching the new Clear Mg headphones. This is a high-end model that convinces with its open design. Read on to learn more about the headphones.

In recent years, the name “Clear” has become established in connection with Focal. The Clear became known for providing optimal listening in the home, while the Clear Pro shines in the studio. Now the family is getting a new addition with the Clear Mg over-ear headphones. Let’s just say that the new headphones have copied their neutral sound tuning from their predecessor Clear. A big plus already in advance.

Der Focal Clear Mg in seiner Verpackung

Well, first it should be said that the manufacture of these headphones was preceded by three years of development. The result of this is a new alloy. In addition, the headphones are equipped with magnesium diaphragm drivers. The combination of these two features results in a low overall weight, increased rigidity, and excellent damping. This design results in an enormously high level of wearing comfort. The driver is supported by a lightweight and flexible surround. It gives it an even higher dynamic range.

Hier lässt sich wunderbar der Aufbau der Focal Clear Mg Kopfhörer

It is also worth mentioning that the new grill follows the profile of the membrane. This means that it can be placed even closer to it. Conversely, this leads to increased high-frequency resolution. Thanks to these technical innovations, the Clear Mg shines with fine, impulsive tones and all-around outstanding sound quality.

The Clear Mg’s appearance can also show off. The hazelnut-colored headphones combine leather, aluminum, and microfiber, which gives them a noble finish. The microfiber ear cushions increase the wearing comfort. Another highlight is the honeycomb grill in the earcup, which increases the value of the Clear Mg on the one hand, and at the same time provides an improved sound due to the open structure.


Blick auf die Hörmuschel des CLear Mg

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