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Video: KEF LS50 — Rediscover A Classic

Die KEF LS50 ist zweifellos ein Klassiker unter den Lautsprechern, der zurecht einen ausgezeichneten Ruf  in der Audio-Community erlangt hat. Mit ihrem zeitlosen Design und ihrem herausragenden Klang können Sie eine unvergleichliche Hörerfahrung genießen. Die Kollegen Robert Schlundt und Alexander Raum haben die LS50 mal genauer ins Visier genommen. Seien Sie gespannt! Im Rahmen unserer Pfingstaktion bieten wir diesen Lautsprecher im Bundle mit dem Solo Uno von Arcam an - so haben Sie ein Komplettsystem für den Schreibtisch für unter 1000 Euro.

Spring Sale: KEF’s Wireless Loudspeakers

The KEF LSX II and LS50 Wireless II speakers are currently on sale for Easter and are a great way to bring spring fever to your ears. You can connect the speakers to a variety of devices, such as TVs, laptops, and turntables, and enjoy a high-fidelity sound quality that is second to none.

Interview: KEF’s R Series Meta

KEF revolutionizes the R Series with an upgrade! The speakers now get the new nickname "Meta" and are now equipped with the innovative Meta Absorption Technology (MAT), which is already known from the KEF LS50 Wireless II and KEF LS50 Meta as well as the new Reference series. The British company presents no less than seven models for hi-fi and home theater enthusiasts and promises to have a solution ready for all sound needs. We spoke with colleague Clark Jungmann about his first impressions.

KEF’s Ci250RRM-THX & Ci250RRb-THX In-Wall Speakers For New Home Cinema Sounds

KEF has launched two new built-in speakers for the sophisticated Home Cinema. These are the three-way coaxial speaker Ci250RRM-THX and the built-in subwoofer Ci250RRb-THX. As is typical for KEF, the models offer first-class acoustic performance and, simultaneously nestle inconspicuously into the home interior. Thus, the built-in speakers are just as convincing as the manufacturer's hi-fi speakers.

Video: The KEF LS60 and LSX II Speakers’ Wireless Joy

A speaker without edges and without screws — that is the LS60 Wireless Speaker from KEF. We were able to see the speaker for the first time in April but were not able to report on the model at that time. But we were instantly taken by how KEF chose to celebrate its 60 years in the business. Now we can finally present the LS60 in detail. Also joining the audio family is the LSX II, an active loudspeaker boasting sonic prowess. Enjoy the video!  

The KEF Reference 3 Meta Now In Our Showrooms

The KEF Reference 3 Meta Now In Our Showrooms
The KEF Reference 3 Meta Now In Our Showrooms
The KEF Reference 3 Meta Now In Our Showrooms
The KEF Reference 3 Meta Now In Our Showrooms
Our regular readers will have likely noticed that we just can't get enough from the British manufacturer KEF. And today, we're excited to post some photos of the newly arrived KEF Reference 3 Meta in our showrooms. The 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker of the latest addition to the KEF Reference Series is equipped with both the company's patented Uni-Q Technology and the 12th generation of MAT™ metamaterial absorption technology. But no need to be convinced with our audio industry jargon — come see what the excitement is about yourself! We look forward to welcoming you in person at our retail store in Berlin-Kreuzberg.