KEF’s Ci250RRM-THX & Ci250RRb-THX In-Wall Speakers For New Home Cinema Sounds

KEF has launched two new built-in speakers for the sophisticated Home Cinema. These are the three-way coaxial speaker Ci250RRM-THX and the built-in subwoofer Ci250RRb-THX. As is typical for KEF, the models offer first-class acoustic performance and, simultaneously nestle inconspicuously into the home interior. Thus, the built-in speakers are just as convincing as the manufacturer's hi-fi speakers.

As part of the Extreme Home Theatre range, KEF’s two new in-wall speakers deliver the intensity and drama that people generally love to go to the movies for. Their sound brings the cinema sound home, so to speak. As a result, both products are excellent choices for anyone who loves music and movies. But we already know that. So what’s the big innovation?

Simply put, the Ci250RRM-THX is a new design. KEF has even applied for a patent for this technology. Typically, three-way coaxial speakers have small difficulties in the midrange. With the technology called “Cavity Radiation Control,” KEF wants to overcome this hurdle. In German, this means something like “control of the cavity radiation”. The midrange in the speaker has an acoustically absorbing foam design, thanks to which distortion should not only be minimized but eliminated – at least up to 30 dB. It is thanks to this technology that the Ci250RRM-THX’s sound is extremely close to reality. The model also boasts the implementation of “Low Diffraction LF Aperture”; a smoothed, profiled enclosure design for the 100mm Uni-Q driver array (12th generation). It features an outer foam ring that also absorbs acoustically, reducing resonance. Further, the Ci250RRM-THX is KEF’s first in-wall speaker to feature Metamaterial Absorption Technology, or MAT. This is a maze-like structure that absorbs unwanted sound on the back of the tweeter. The result is a more natural sound. As a result, the reproduction of the tweeter and midrange of the speaker is brilliant. Still, you don’t have to worry about low-frequency reproduction because the 250 mm woofer fills your entire room with bass. Get ready for high-fidelity sound!

Ansicht des Drei-Wege-Koaxiallautsprechers Ci250RRM-THX von KEF

As befits a sub, the Ci250RRb-THX was designed to provide you with powerful and, above all, precise bass. At the same time, it should blend visually into your room. The built-in woofer delivers both. Around the speaker is an ultra-thin, paintable edge, so it not only looks chic but also does not cast an acoustic shadow. Integrated is a 250 mm woofer with a 4.25 kg magnet. In addition, the Ci250RRb-THX is splash-proof and dust-proof.

Ansicht des Ci250RRb-THX Einbau-Subwoofers von KEF

Soon the models will be in our demonstration. Feel free to stop by to see for yourself. We’ll also be happy to help you plan your own home theater.

By the way, you can get a comprehensive overview of the topic of built-in speakers in our video on the topic. KEF also plays a leading role. The models in the video are a bit older but still up to date.

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