BluOS Streaming Devices: Some Useful Tips!

We never stop learning and are always happy when we can help: A customer had a problem with his BluOS streaming integrated amplifier NAD C700, which no longer worked properly. He had already tried to solve the problem himself but could not find a fault. Therefore, he decided to have the device examined by us. But we could not find any fault in the device either. This did not satisfy us. We could not leave it at that.

So we pointed out that the problem might be the connection to the home network and looked for the detailed user manual of the NAD C700 in the online help of the BluOs app. Our customers often search the web, but clicking the “Help” button in the app and selecting the “Online Help” sub-item in the settings is much easier.

BluOS App

A cutting-edge and well-made platform opens up, which quickly silences the desire for a classic user manual.

BluOS App

It turned out that our customer could see the signal strength of the WLAN and it was too low. After he used a WLAN amplifier, the connection problems no longer occurred. Now we can enjoy listening to music again, and that’s how it should be. The tip to first find the manual in the app and check the signal strength of the WLAN was the right track and can possibly help other users with similar problems.

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