Anthem Audio Now In Store!

After many positive experiences with the Dirac calibration at Lexicon, Arcam, and NAD, we have decided to include the Canadian brand Anthem in our program in the home theater area. The company has a good reputation; for more than two decades, Anthem has manufactured award-winning high-end audio and offers with the ARC a very high-quality calibration system that meets our idea of quality and sustainability.

Erfüllung höchster Ansprüche an die Klangqualität

Jens Müller (li) und Stefan Rodau (re im Bild)  haben uns in die hohe Kunst eingewiesen: Wir sind begeistert und laden Sie herzlich zu einer Präsentation unserer Auswahl-Modelle, dem AV Prozessor AVM 70 8K sowie den AV-Receivern MRX 1140 8K, MRX 540 8K und MRX 740 8K ein.


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