JBL & Mark Levinson MusicLife App Upgrades

We're excited to announce that the Harman MusicLife app has been reimagined! Download it for free app from Apple iTunes or Google Play and use it to operate your high-fidelity devices from JBL and Mark Levinson via smartphone and tablet. We've put together a summary of what's new.

Video: Presenting Our Loewe Studios

The entrance to our TV showroom has been renovated, making it the perfect occasion to showcase our range of Loewe, a forward-thinking yet traditional manufacturer. These include the We. in 32 inches as well as 43 inches, and LCD TVs picture c., which is 43 inches. You will also find OLED sets from the bild i. series in 48 inches and 55 inches, as well as one of Loewe's top models Loewe bild v. 65 dr+. But don't miss out on the Loewe klang s3 and the klang bar5 mr & sub5, which we've featured a few times already. As always, our TV team looks forward to providing you with all the advice you need!

JBL’s New L75ms Soundsystem

Once again, JBL brings the retro feeling into our living rooms: From the traditional manufacturer now comes the new music system L75ms. This complete system offers an excellent opportunity to listen to your own music collection in the best acoustics. We've already received the model, so we would like to invite you to try it out. Here's an overview.

KEF Speaker Launch At Spreespeicher In Berlin

Yesterday, the HiFi im Hinterhof team was invited to participate in a marketing event hosted by manufacturer KEF. Just in time for the company's 60th anniversary, their new speakers were ceremoniously unveiled. Naturally, we also took some great photos to share with you! Read on for a brief summary of the event as well as a quick look at some of the products presented.

Video: Our Soundbar Studio

In today's short video, we give you a peek at our TV department's Soundbar Studio to give you a visual idea of the models we stock. The space is perfect deal for comparing different soundbars. Our current featured selection consists of the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar, the Smart Soundbar 10 V2 from Canton (also in white) the Smart Sounddeck 100 V2 (also in white) the Klipsch Cinema 800, the Studioart S100 from Revox and, last but not least, from Loewe, the klang bar5  & sub5. We're certainly excited to show these off when you visit!

Current Epson Supply Issues

An important announcement on Epson products: Like many companies, the Japanese label Epson is affected by a massive increase in logistics costs and components prices leading to a bottleneck of supplies. The production of their projector screens is also impacted at the moment. This means that price adjustments can be expected, also with our range of projectors at HiFi im Hinterhof.

HiFi im Hinterhof Opening Hours On March 8th

A note to our customers: The 8th of March, International Women's Day, is a now public holiday in Berlin, so our store will be closed on this day. But we'll be available again on Wednesday the 9th of March and look forward to welcoming you as usual to our retail store in Berlin-Kreuzberg, and also being here for you via phone or email as always.

Arcam’s AVR30: Get A Free HDMI 2.1 Update

It was a pleasure to share last year in a blog post that there would be an HDMI 2.1 update for the various AVRs from British maker Acram. Now for the deal: If you purchase the 16-channel surround AV receiver AVR30 from us, we’ll cover the HDMI update for you  — a total value of €780! While other companies make you send in your audio/video receivers to have the HMDI 2.1 video card installed, we offer the AVR30 at an extremely low price in addition to the money you save by getting the update directly from us.