KEF Speaker Launch At Spreespeicher In Berlin

Yesterday, the HiFi im Hinterhof team was invited to participate in a marketing event hosted by manufacturer KEF. Just in time for the company's 60th anniversary, their new speakers were ceremoniously unveiled. Naturally, we also took some great photos to share with you! Read on for a brief summary of the event as well as a quick look at some of the products presented.

The event started with an account of KEF’s business development during the corona period during which, surprisingly, there was notable growth, some of which must be attributed to the various iterations of the LS50. After a bit more business, we moved on to the new speakers.


Starting with the revised five-part Reference Series in Meta design, it quickly became clear that KEF is continuing to live up to its reputation for innovation. As for the KEF Reference Meta series, we can expect two new center channels with the KEF Reference 2 Meta and Reference 4 Meta, as well as the three floor-standing speakers during the course of the year: Reference 1 Meta, Reference 3 Meta, Reference 5 Meta, all in a variety of sizes. These Reference Meta series speakers are intended to appeal to both HiFi fans and Home Cinema enthusiasts. Just like the Blade, the Reference series now also relies on the 12th generation Uni-Q driver system, while MAT metamaterial absorption technology ensures that up to 99% of the driver’s unwanted rear sound is absorbed, reducing distortion and providing the most pristine sound possible. Another welcome innovation is the speaker color scheme, which is now more customizable than ever — six matte and six glossy finishes are available. Although the price wasn’t given, there’s even the option of personalized finishes in RAL or Pantone colours.


Next, the new top-of-the-line Blade Series models were unveiled: The Blade One as well as the Blade Two, also in meta finish. The absolutely futuristic design of these speakers was the result of a lengthy development process aimed at achieving the finest possible acoustic sound dispersion. And if you look at the spatial dispersion diagrams of the loudspeakers, it becomes clear that this goal was pretty much achieved, with much credit going to the Der Uni-Q driver, which acts as a point source and distributes sound evenly throughout the room so that every inch becomes a “sweet spot” where the same natural and detailed sound can be experienced and enjoyed, regardless of one’s seating position. But let’s only say it’s “near perfect” as KEF wouldn’t be KEF if they weren’t already working to improve upon their improvements. The Blades each feature four powerful woofers isolated in their own acoustic chambers, mounted back-to-back to balance kinetic forces. They are also perfectly matched to the 12th generation Uni-Q. The result of all this is a clean, pure sound with a remarkably low-frequency response. The speakers will be available in five cabinet colours, which can be combined with six Uni-Q driver colours. An option to personalize the cabinet colours is also available.


After a short break, we finally got down to business. After seeing the speakers for the first time, we were allowed to hear them. First up: the Reference 5 Meta. Their spatial dimensions were especially noticeable in the fullness of their sound, and their incredibly direct presence made it hard for the listener to resist the natural detailing of their reproduction. A stunning foundation of low notes is accompanied by precise mids and brilliant highs. What an entry — what a speaker! The KEF Blade Two Meta was next, with its fabulous three-dimensionality. The sonic stage filled every inch of the room and we found ourselves in a sea of sound (mirroring the gentle reflections of the Spree on the walls of the Spreespeicher). As the hum of the speaker faded into the background, we mused upon the initial speculation that KEF could outdo any speaker on the market. It’s hard how they might surpass their latest designs.

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