NADs Latest High-End M33 Integrated Amplifier

BluOS is a magic word in the world of multiroom devices. The new  NAD M33 integrated amplifier also features the high-resolution streaming platform. Also on board are a large number of connection options and compatibility with a wide range of audio components.

Optics and Control Elements

The NAD M33 comes in a sturdy aluminium housing. The volume control and a large, color touch screen are located on the wide front panel, which makes operation very easy. All functions can be controlled from here. At the same time, it is of course possible to operate the amplifier via the BluOS app, which is available free of charge for iOS and Android devices.

Der M33 in Detailansicht

Playback and Connection Possibilities 

The amplifier can be connected to the home network via LAN and WLAN, which allows you to play your own music, Internet radio and online streaming services. Users can choose between analogue and digital connection options such as Bluetooth aptX HD, HDMI eARC and XLR.
Thanks to the Multiroom and AirPlay 2 compatibility of BluOS, the M33 can control a total of up to 64 speakers and other audio devices, which theoretically allows the multi-talent to fill the entire living room with sound. BluOS also includes compatibility with various smart home providers.
Finally, it should be mentioned that the amplifier can be expanded by a variety of functions. Two slots for MDC modules, ideally located at the rear, make this possible. Apart from that, the M33 naturally has all the classic connection options: Two coaxial and two optical digital inputs each, HDMI-eARC input, USB input, two analog high level inputs, Phono MM and one balanced XLR input as well as two subwoofer outputs, one preamplifier output and on top of that a headphone jack. There is really quite a lot in there. With the M33, a great basis has been created to let the integrated amplifier work in combination with other audio components.

Die Rückseite des M33 mit ihren zahlreichen Anschlussmöglichkeiten


This is where things get particularly exciting. The M33 is equipped with the Dirac Live room measurement system, which is known mainly from home cinema. Included in the delivery of the integrated amplifier is a measuring microphone, which measures the acoustics of the listening room and adjusts the frequency and impulse to the room. The aim of this is a balanced, rich sound – with a clearly audible difference.

Final Thoughts

The new NAD M33 is announced for spring. The variety of connection options makes this model particularly attractive. We are used to good things from NAD and are already looking forward to the new streaming amplifier.

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