More Bass at Hifi im Hinterhof: New SVS Subwoofers In-Stock

Although even the most devoted of home cinema fans appreciate the virtues that each element contributes to a soundscape, the subwoofer has never been easily intergrated into the scene. Quick to be dismissed as an unruly booming lumberbox which does more to tilt the soundscape than to balance it, suspicion that the humble subwoofer as a relic belonging to the classical and vintage soundsystems. In spite of -- or perhaps because of it -- the American manufacturer SVS has 1998 written on the flag. Countering stubborn prejudices with this defiant approach has not been entirely successful.

SVS has cooked up a double strategy in terms of direct sales and local partners in the course of its history into a global company whose broad product portfolio now serves the entire surroundsound set-up. The focus remains however on subwoofers and it’s no coincidence that the German and international press always end up singing songs of praise. Tempted by the lasting reputation, we decided to finally put them to the test ourselves, and even on delivery, first impressions made an instant impact.

Anlieferung der ersten SVS Subwoofer

After an initial amazement at the rather impressive size of the top model, so much so that the EUROpalette used for packaging was packed to the brim, one remembers that in no way does an oversized package equate to a greater magnitude in sound quality. It soon became obvious: the extensive experience of SVS engineers in the proper translation of low-frequency signal components coupled with the very reasonable price point has resulted in an overall good impression.

Worth noting that the entire product range of the subwoofer is as comprehensive as it is thought out are well thought out. While one model series fully recognised the advantages of closed housing which generally make for a precise and faithful pulse reproduction, there is a second series that emphasizes the affect of the powerful bass boost owing to the additional bass reflex tubes.
Thus SVS offers a suitable inclusion for just about any room sizes and if required you can even make a direct comparison between two the two modes of construction within each size and price class.



Here is a list of all of our stocked models:

  • SB-1000
  • SB-2000
  • SB-13 Ultra
  • PB-1000
  • PB-2000
  • PB-12 Plus
  • PB-13 Ultra

The abbreviations SB and PB from SVS stand for “Sealed Box” or “Ported Box” and describe each of the aforementioned housing form, i.e. closed or bass reflex tube (s). The 15 and 21 kg models smallest and least expensive models are in the 1000 models ever, the flagship mentioned above comes in the bass reflex variant as a true heavyweight, therefore, with a whopping 70.5 kg. Finally, the 2000 Series is positioned in price and also in terms of the weight in the midfield. Additional information can be found naturally in our code online shop. In addition, our team with any questions about course happy to help and advice.

Speaking: To optimize the low frequency response of your SVS subwoofer according to your individual listening environment, we recommend the automatic room corrector processors from DSPeaker code. Depending on the installation, creates the Anti-Mode technology, for example remedy for disturbing room resonances or offers the opportunity right low frequencies between 25 and 35 Hz to bring even greater advantage, so the bass range a significant gain in balance, neatness and precision can be achieved.

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