Look Who’s Back: Bluesound’s Pulse 2, Pulse Mini & Pulse Flex

Bluesound is a manufacturer that has been with us for numerous years and that we always like to show off. In this course, we have acquired remaining stocks of the multi-room devices Pulse 2, Pulse Mini as well as Pulse Flex. These are streaming products that are gradually being phased out. So this is your chance if you are interested in the active wireless speakers. They are available in classic black and white.

Probably the most important thing is that all of Bluesound’s products can be used individually or in pairs. That’s what makes the series so individual, and is, of course, the case with these models. In addition, all three are great for supporting your TVs. For this reason, commands like controlling the volume can also be transferred to your TV’s infrared remote. When you buy a new Bluesound model, you don’t have to cede the old devices. Models of generations 1 and 2 are fully compatible with each other and can therefore be combined perfectly.

By the way: Just recently, we published an article to help with the initial installation of new Bluesound models and to assist with any problems.

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