Our YouTube Videos Now With English Sutbitles!

It's been our aim for a while now to make our content more accessible. As part of this, we are now providing English and German subtitles to our YouTube videos. We've been asked many times to do this, and now we are getting to it!

We are working towards having these included for all our videos. Until then, thanks for your continued interest in our content! We’re especially pleased to have subtitled the Dirac Live calibration that takes a deep dive into a complicated topic. Also on the list are Accuphase models E-650 and E-850 as well as the presentation of Delta PRE and Delta MONO by Classé Audio. Last but not least, our presentation the Bowers & Wilkins 700 S2 Series — this video is somewhat older but has been requested with a translation request. Look forward to us following up on more!

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