KEF’s Master Speakers: The Reference Meta Series

The 60th anniversary of the top-notch audio outfit KEF is introducing another wonderful milestone: The high-end Reference Meta series has now been updated to the latest acoustic standards. This includes the Metamaterial absorption technology that gives the new generation Reference its name.

The new Reference Meta are, naturally, distinguished by their true-to-life sound along with superior acoustical experience: The speakers have been adjusted to within half a decibel of the reference standard determined in the laboratory which explains the product’s name. In addition, the current version has been equipped with Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT™) which is also part of their name. As well, the cabinet has the ideal shape to minimize sideborne secondary radiation. Rarely do luxury speakers find such technical innovation combined with a sleek, attractive design, and they come in classy high gloss or detailed paired wood veneers. The available finishes (a combination of three cabinet colors and five colors for the driver cones) are Satin Walnut/Silver, High-Gloss White/Blue, High-Gloss White/Champagne, High-Gloss Black/Grey, and High-Gloss Black/Copper.

The Reference Meta series consists of two three-way floorstanding speakers the Reference 4 Meta and the Reference 2 Meta, one three-way bookshelf speaker, the Reference 1 Meta, and two three-way center speakers Reference 3 Meta as well as Reference 5 Meta. The latter can also be used as left-center-right (LCR) speakers. On top of that, there’s the S-RF1 stand.

Now you’re probably wondering what MAT, or Metamaterial Absorption Technology, is all about. Developed together with the Acoustic Metamaterials Group, the sound of each channel is absorbed in the most efficient manner, eliminating distortion, and providing a purer acoustic performance. KEF’s Uni-Q has also been combined with MAT for The Reference. The Uni-Q driver array delivers consistently clear and vibrant tones regardless of the volume selected — setting the pace with the beat of every music lover’s heart.

Let’s continue: Thanks to a new low-distortion midrange driver design, midrange distortion is massively reduced. As well, KEF’s patented Tangerine Waveguide technology controls the airflow, allowing the sound field to expand naturally for remarkable high-frequency imaging, the better not to distract us from the richness of the bass, as it literally merges with the midrange and treble. There’s is a lot to look forward to with the new Reference Meta Series from KEF.

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