Arcam’s AVR30: Get A Free HDMI 2.1 Update

It was a pleasure to share last year in a blog post that there would be an HDMI 2.1 update for the various AVRs from British maker Acram. Now for the deal: If you purchase the 16-channel surround AV receiver AVR30 from us, we’ll cover the HDMI update for you  — a total value of €780! While other companies make you send in your audio/video receivers to have the HMDI 2.1 video card installed, we offer the AVR30 at an extremely low price in addition to the money you save by getting the update directly from us.

Please be informed that EU customers are able to book their HDMI upgrade directly with ESCoor. This is the Harman service in Germany. The cost for the upgrade is 773,50 Euro (including VAT). All you have to do is follow this link: ESCoor will organize the collection directly and will also assist you with any further questions. You can reach the service by phone at 04131 83096-0 or by e-mail at

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