JVC XP-EXT1 Exofield Headphone Update

Last autumn, we introduced the XP-EXT1 Exofield headphones in a blog post. Staying with JVC, we'd like to let you know about an update for the Home Cinema headphones.

JVC recently released a software update that not only optimizes the sound but also adds new features.

In terms of sound, the 7.1.4 imaging has been made even clearer and more detailed. It is now possible to switch between two modes, depending on the characteristics of the room you are in. The profile for the most natural sound reproduction is already known. A new addition is an alternative profile, in which all 12 virtual speakers have been reworked. The result is a focus on voice reproduction in the center channel. It is rounded off by a balanced reproduction in the bass range. A total of four users can be saved.

Of course, the update is installed via the “Exofield Theater” app using a smart device (Android or iOS). Simply call up the sub-item “Version” in your app and tap on “Update”.


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